1800 Specs Sponsored Post: Styling Geeky Glasses

This post is sponsored by 1800 Specs. They offer prescription glasses started as low as $20 and have a great selection of stylish options. Did you know that you own your prescription? From your eye exam, you can take your prescription directly on the site when you order, making it really easy to pick up your favorite pair. A few of my favorite pairs from 1800 Specs are the hipster, roxy, and mad men styles

If you follow me on twitter you might already know this but Henry got glasses last week! It’s been a bit of a challenge getting him adjusted to wearing them but he’s getting the hanging of it slowly. It doesn’t hurt that he does look pretty adorable in them. Glasses are so cute and are all over fashion right now.
Today I’m sharing with you some favorite ways to style some of these trendy geeky glasses.

Pairing them with another current trend makes it more stylish and less ‘library nerd’. Try some bright pants, polka dots, or a stylish fitted trench.

Slip on a cute dress to play up your feminine side (it’s sometimes easy to hide behind those frames) and plus, don’t dresses make you feel extra hot?

Those wide frames are trendy, really fun, and a bit quirky! Try it out! Plus- not sure if there’s any science behind this last part- they make you smarter than your high school calculus professor (or at least they make you feel that way)
What do you think? How would you style geeky glasses? 

{Big thanks to 1800 Specs for sponsoring this post}


Henry looks sooo handsome in his new glasses! I love little boys in glasses.

I totally would! I need new glasses and these give me some great options…

baby hank's all grown up! and he looks super handsome, fyi

I love this type of sponsored post! I actually loved everything & it was quality instead of just an ad! You rock at being true to yourself.

Okay, Henry is just too stinkin' cute – very GQ!!! :D- Lindsay

love these looks and looove your little boy in glasses, what kind did you get for him?

oh my gosh you just saved me with this post! I had no idea I owned my own prescription! cant wait to buy new glasses from this co.!!!

These are super cute! My husband has actually been needing glasses for years, I'll have to show him this site!

lisette, haaa. i get it. i'm sure the coolness/novelty of it wears off for you but i always think people look hot in glasses

I have always wanted to wear glasses until I finally needed them. Now I hardly wear them and somehow it does not feel as cool. Is it just me??

I fear it's time for some glasses for me. I love these. Thanks for the link.Heidihttp://oliveobserver.blogspot.com

Have you seen the new Mr. Gandy pics with geeky glasses? It was a D&C ad for Mariano Vivanco. Oh there's science behind this – yum. !

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