Fall Trend: High Waisted Bright Skinnies

A couple weeks ago I shared a babble slideshow about 15 trends for women this fall. I’ll be going into detail once a week for the next few weeks about each of the trends: what we {really} think of the trend, tips for making the trend work {for a real woman}, and where to buy it for a deal.

This new trend incorporates two other recent trends: high-waisted jeans and brightly colored pants. The style seems to be skinny, tapered leg (either scrunched or rolled up) with a tucked in tee or blouse. While I’m still unsure about combining them both in this way I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Could you pull it off?

The look: Asos Whistles Colored Skinnies $139.68 + free shipping
The deal: Urban Outfitters BDG Cigarette High Rise Jeans $58

Other options:
American Apparel Four Way Stretch High Waist Zipper Pant (in every possible color) $78
BDG High Rise in Deep Lake $58

Also, I’m posting my favorite picks in high-waisted hot ‘mom’ jeans today on babble. It’ll answer that dyyying question you have that your husband can never give you a straight answer on, “Do these jeans make my butt look big??”


I've been addicted to these high rise skinnies since last year. And another nice thing is they act like a girdle on your soft mid-section . . . definite plus postp-baby.

high waisted, I never thought I would allow myself such a thing, but those skinnies that are low rise tend to do the plumber on me… just don't tell my mom, that I might infact be turning into her,,, eek

I think anyone can pull it off as long as the pants fit right. But the fit is the most difficult thing to achieve! Everytime I see a pair of bright red skinny jeans I have to try them on, but end up disappointed in the fit at the waist, butt, or calves. I don't like cutting off the circulation to my lower leg!This process also convinces me to sew my own pair.

I'm seeing these colored jeans all over New York City! They're gorgeous! A yes, I'd wear a pair in a heart beat!

This is not a trend that works on me, much as wish it would. That said, I actually like the red better! And it's the deal! I'm going to run and tell my husband, who is convinced this never happens when I shop. πŸ˜‰

I think I would look ridiculous in these but I could see them being quite lovely on lots of gals. Best,Tina

i love the risk and the tucked in tee or blouse sounds so cute

im so afraid of color for my lower half but i love the bright jeans for the fall…maybe i'll just have to stop by urban outfitters :)Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

I love the bright colors and the high waist, but I wish they would make them in straight-leg for us thick-legged girls.

I can't pull it off. But I do want some skinny black jeans for fall. No way I'll be tucking anything in, though! Except for jeans into boots.

I definitely plan to make more risk with color. I'm fuller on the bottom, so I try to be safe with darker colors. But I love this look so much!

personally I love them both! I love color and it would be fun to see more people take some risk and wear bright bottoms πŸ™‚ I think one pair would be a good investment for me!

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