Fall Trend: Pleated Trousers

A couple weeks ago I shared a babble slideshow about 15 trends for women this fall. I thought it might be fun to go into detail once a week for the next few weeks about each of the trends: what we {really} think of the trend, tips for making the trend work {for a real woman’s body} and where to buy it for a deal.

This week I’m starting with pleated trousers. They kind of remind me of my mom. I have a vague memory of her in a pair of blue pleated trousers that tapered nicely at the bottom and sat high on the waist.  The trend right now seems to be slouchy over fitted, ankle length, and tapered pretty tight at the bottom (or rolled). Also dressing them down with a tee, like you would boyfriend jeans.

Do you think you could pull off this look or are they giving you bad flashbacks from the 80s? Yeah or Nay?

The look: Zara $59.90
The deal: Forever 21 $24.90

Other options:
Madewell $110.00
Asos $73.18
Asos $31.10
Zara $59.90
Gap $34.99-$39.99  (Thanks Allison!)


When I saw a pair of navy blue ones from H & M for $10 (!) I had to go for it, and it turns out they are super comfy and cute! I even like to wear them with a long button down and sweater and some yellow flats, perfect for a casual office look.

Disappointingly I think this is one best left to the models!

Those look terribly unflattering even on models. I can only imagine how heinous they would look on my stubby legs.

Lyndsay, The Gap link I listed is a high waisted pair that a reader gave a tip on. She loves them apparently so might be worth a shot!(ps love your linda bows!)

Anon, they are very Anne Hall. I think that's part of the appeal!Emer, how funny! I know a lot of people that would agree with the rule: if you wore them once, you're too old to wear them again 😉

I'm 5'10" and lanky, so according to the fashion experts, I have the ideal body for these pants. Umm…no! The pleats make the area right below the bellybutton look like I'm trying to smuggle something in my knickers! I think a flat front is much more flattering on everyone. They are very "Annie Hall", don't you think?

I'd say no since I wore them in the 80's, and I dont think they look good on anyone. Even young skinny types.

Lacey, I totally agree. I snagged a pair at a second hand store for about $13. It was a little bit of a risk but I like them so far! Glad you're loving yours!

Aleutie, I love the idea of adding a scarf or interesting bag. Go for it!

I bought these on sale plus a 30% off coupon from Old Navy. I think they ended up being around $10. They are adorable and comfortable. I have an athletic build so I need silhouettes that emphasize my nonexistent hips. As long as you aren't spending a lot of money on these trends, I say live them up!

Hi, Liz! That's the problem: I do have a tendency to dress a little bit too masculine and I have to remind myself every time that I need to add something to the outfit to make it less literal. Otherwise, my husband will remind me 🙂 In this case I would probably opt for a little flowery scarf or kerchief and some interesting bag.

mm yes i'm not sure about this trend. i'm all for switching up the ankle fit — boot cut, flare, or skinny — but i don't see the pleats as flattering enough to last for me.

I guess I seem to be in the minority here, but I love these! I have a pair from the Gap that's surprisingly flattering (and I'm not model-thin).I think the ankle length cuff is really key.

Allison, so glad you found a pair that works! I'll have to include it with the other options. Thanks for the tip!!

Aleutie, I love that you're getting fashion ideas from Clinton Kelly! He's so fabulous. Would you wear it just as he or would you try to make it more feminine with some jewelry or heels?

I completely love this trend! I bought these ones from the Gap (http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=61073&vid=1&pid=848964) and I think they are so cute. And I'm not stick-skinny or anything, I still have fairly big hips. But I do admit, they aren't for everyone. I think with the baggier thighs of the pants, they look really cute paired with a tucked in top with a belt.

I am sorry, but there is no such thing as a bad flashback from the 80s D:) Go 80s! Although, I saw this sort of trousers yesterday on Clinton Kelly of What not to wear, pared with argyle cardigan and white shirt and he was wearing bright color moccasins with no socks. I was so impressed, I sketched his look with intention to maybe do something similar. Oh, yes, I do Clinton Kelly copycat sometimes. And yes, I am a girl.

Heather, yes Asos! They are great and always offer free shipping. Hooray!

I agree. Sometimes a trend just is unflattering on anyone but a model. Is this one of those? Maybe! Although I think though if you embrace the bagginess of the pants and wear a right top you could make it work in a modern color and fabric. ButI'm still waiting to see it work for me! Bubble hips do not sound attractive!

I read daily but never comment. Today I just had to tell you that because of your previous suggestions to check out ASOS I did and I love that place more than I ever thought I could love a store. Especially their Curve line. Basically, I've hooked myself up with some lovely frocks for fall and I wanted to thank you. So…Thanks!

oh, so my tangent was supposed to mean…"I could be wrong and come around to them latter, but I doubt it!" 🙂

I'm having the same reaction. The "bubble front" is just awful. (And I thought I was done tight rolling my pants in 5th grade.)There are some 80s trends I can embrace – and others are much much harder. Especially the ones I rocked in elementary school. I just feel that I shouldn't be going back to those trends as I enter my 30s. Sort of how I felt about clogs…but I did those in high school. :)Anyway, I was adamantly against skinny jeans for a while, but I've come to adopt them into my wardrobe PROVIDED I pair them with boots. I also thought jeggings were the worst thing ever (the name is still awful) but then I realized they could substitute in for leggings under tunics or dresses and I snatched up a pair. But I still follow the leggings rule: I would never never never wear them as just pants.

Not sure I am loving this look. I think you need to be a toothpick for it to work and sadly I am not.

I have tried on a few pairs of these…and they look HORRIBLE on me. Super unflattering. Not sure how well they work on anyone who's not super thin… I could be wrong and just haven't found the right pair, but they definitely give me the bubble hips/butt/front effect.

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