I've always loved this color, I have many things in it and I always get compliments. very flattering

Very much yes- I've bought three separate pieces in this hue in the last month. So very pretty with chartreuse and burnt sienna for fall!

Cobalt is one of those colors that makes everyone look good. Love it. The coffee table is amazing. Good finds.

Cobalt blue is an amazing color. Especially when pared with some kind of black and white graphic print like houndstooth.

cobalt blue is one of my all-time favorite colors! and looks flattering on almost anyone.

I totally agree! Cobalt blue and a rusty/pumpkin color orange. I see them every where. I love the blue skinnies cuffed. So cute with heels

i LOVE that color and i really want a bright blue shirt! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

I saw two different girls wearing pretty cobalt blue shirt dresses on the T yesterday, and they looked so great! It's not a color I'm typically drawn to, but perhaps time to reconsider?

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