Summer Fashion: Shorts with Slouchy Shirts

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One summer trend I’ve been loving recently is the shorts paired with a slouchy shirt (a vintage one would be a big plus!). I keep seeing it over and over again and love it more and more. What do you think? I like how it dresses up the shorts a bit more and adds a little sophistication. Are you into it?
Some more inspiration picked up from Pinterest:

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you are talent!! the style is simply beautiful! shorts paired with a slouchy shirt looks so great!

i would love it more if my big whites wouldn't hang out the bottom of those shorts 🙂

Meg, yes! I am self-employed and we ended up here just through my husband's work. Email me! I'd love to chat more about it with you

I'm so happy to learn that you live in SF. I've always thought you were in Hoboken. I'm so curious about how you ended up in the bay area! Or if you are a fellow self-employed person like myself!

shorts and slouchy shirts have become my standard summer outfit! i love the look and how comfy the outfit is!

katie- awesome find! i'll go check out ross asap and i agree, with skinnies in the fall it would be hot as well

totally into it! i scored a bunch of loosely-fitting tops (mostly in stripes, let's be honest) at Ross a few weeks ago and it's all i want to wear in the summer. i usually pair with my favorite skinnies. These shirts are also great to throw over my swimsuit! looove it!

I'm all about the slouch-n-tuck this summer! It's a lovely way to marry style and laziness, which is really what summer's all about, right?

Marissa, yes me too. It's funny how everything comes back around that way

yes, i do! it's cute+it hides my problem areas = win, win! :)best trend ever.

Great pics….my boyfriend is visiting and I'm going to try the look this weekend…I think he'd like it! 🙂

I think this style is super cute, and looks comfy as well. Although, I find it funny that the "front tuck" is back in style…never thought that day would come!

i really like it, and it's a good way to keep vintage blouses in rotation during the summer! sort of reminds me of middle school when i would tuck a too-big tee into shorts and floof it out. (though, that's not my proudest fashion memory…)

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