Rainbow Dip Dyed Hair

Would you ever dip dye your hair in rainbow colors like this? I love it with those crazy waves. There’s a great tutorial on doing it yourself, should you dare, right here at the beauty department and I’m tempted to try (but really, i’m probably too much of a wuss).

What do you think? Has the rainbow trend gone to far or is this hot?
Oh, yeah-this kind of terrifies me (I’m thinking she should have stuck to her original rainbow cake idea)


This looks amazing! I love it, but as a brunette, the bleaching part frightens me. I have had my fair share of run-ins with bleaching my whole head 🙂 honuandsweetie.blogspot.com

J'A-DORE!!!!!!!not on me but either but I love it still.

fear not! Hair it nothing to fear! Whenever I hesitate about a bold color or new hairstyle my husband reminds me how much more beautiful New York is when we all participate in "the show of it all" rather than shirk with fear.

I've done pink, but I'm really liking doing different colors!

yikes. that was a terrifying pic. pretty awesome. i love the touches of color though in blond hair. i think you should go for it!

for those who may not be to risky try "dip dying" your human hair extensions clips,infusions, ect. 🙂

I think that this is the perfect alternative to feathers!taoowl.blogspot.com

I love it in that look above! It's poppy & fun, but not too much. I like that it weaves in and out with her wavy hair. You should TOTALLY do it!

I'm going to hop on the band wagon and say this look is awesome but not for me. But, there are definitely people out there who call pull it off!

liz- good idea! might be fun if you're planning on cutting your hair off soon. Dye it and then chop it when you're sick of it!

I like this idea for like, one day! Wouldn't want to have it all the time though! But when people rock it, it looks great!

mm, this is a great execution, but i think it could go terribly wrong as a diy (as your scary link illustrates so clearly, ha)

I think it looks super cute however being a brunette, I don't think it would look as good… :/

Hm you're right about the brunette hair, i'm not sure what it would look like but i'd love someone to try!

I think this one is for the daring.- Sarahhttp://agirlintransit.blogspot.com/

i really love this- so brazen + summery 🙂 but i've taken so much time to get my hair to the length it is now, i'd hate to bleach it + damage it!

I personally would NEVER be able to do this! I think it's a really fun look– just on someone else!

I really want to try this, but I'm afraid that it won't work well with my brunette locks. It just looks so fun and fantastic though! Maybe I can get away with just a streak? :)-Sarahwww.sarahplanet.comPS. I read on E! online that Lauren Conrad only kept the rainbow hair for about a week.

I wish I could see how it would look with someone on dark hair. If I wasn't lining up job interviews right now, I would totally do it! Especially since its summer – summer is a time for feathers, thread-wrapped hair and rainbow dipped tips.

oh i totally love this. i don't know if i'd do it though. i just put a stripe of blue in my hair and it scared me a little, it looks cool though, but it's so minuscule it wasn't really even worth it.

I really like the look but only on a temporary basis. The fact that I have brown hhair and the other fact that I'd probably fry my hair and burn a bald spot makes me think I'll never try this, though!

i think it's beautiful. but I have brownish/red hair, so not so good on me.

It looks cool on people who have long flowing hair but not on me.

I love it but I have dark hair so I don't think it would work for me 🙁

Gee, no. I would not dare 😉 Looks cool, though.

such a cute look! Unfortunately, I'm probably too much of a wuss myself.

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