White Summer Dress

Do you wear a lot of white dresses and skirts in the summer? I think I wore a too-short white sundress to my high school graduation and regretably owned a pair of baggy white capris in college but haven’t ever really owned a summer white piece I’ve loved. Until I met you: the white summer dress of my dreams.


that is quite the lovely dress indeed. i have never really worn anything white. haha. tshirts here and there. but i've always feared wearing white for stain reasons.

Oh my goodness, that is GORGEOUS. And way way outside my price range :)KaylaFreckles in April

I am in search of a white dress, that one is gorgeous…

This SOOO made me chuckle because I too wore a WAY too short white dress to my HS graduation. My mom made the dress and I kept insisting it go shorter… what was I thinking! I couldn't even take the gown off because my rear would have shown! This dress is fab though! Stinks that the price is a little too unfab for my pocket 🙁

That is such a beautiful dress. Saw it on Pinterest. I have been searching for the perfect white summer/spring dress, it seems, forever! I think I may have found it though!

ha! i think the one i wore to my high school graduation was calvin klein too 😉

so beautiful! the whole line is the perfect uniform for a summer in the south! thanks for sharing!

that is beautiful. i have a calvin klein white summer dress that i wear quite often, but this piece has me thinking it's time to upgrade.

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