Ahh! Where are your fantastic couches from?? Adorable outfits, too! : -)

haaa Kristina, I beg to differ on the jersey/kilt but you are sweet 🙂

love cruise director chic 🙂 I wish I had a style. I know what things I like, but don't dress that way.. isnt that weird? lol. love the advice about boys jackets for the shrunken look, but are they uncomfortable/pull in the wrong ways? I'll have a look out next time I'm shopping in the boys section!

Love this post Liz. You can wear anything well- even an ugly gold/blue lacrosse jersey & kilt 🙂 Love the accessories too.

Hi, I came from the Mighty Girl site to say you look adorable love your style.

Ooh love the outfit, and where is that rug from? I love it!!

Awesome! I love your rug btw =)- Sarah

I don't know what I like better, your outfits or your adorable house. The patterned rug and all of the throw pillows are so awesome!

It's official: You are my favorite fashion inspiration. I am totally heading to a thrift store this weekend to hunt for a blue blazer.

Wow great sets of outfit!!! And cute bag! And accessories! All so cute!

What a great outfit . . . totally adorable 100%

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