The Essentials for Men

I have fun browing through these 35 Classic Items for Men on Mr. Porter. Do you dress your husband/boyfriend? I have tried in the past but have never been too successful. What do you think of these suggested items? Would be great ideas for Fathers Day next month.
My thoughts were that they were a bit too classic in some respects, but otherwise a great list (do men really need a straw hat these days and summer scarves?).

(images from Mr. Porter)


I love men with hats. Men Without Hats? Love the music/band, but in reality, no.:)

I love my husband in hats, he's gotten really into them this year. They look cool and they are especially nice if you have a husband who is bald/shaved head/or little hair (like mine).

hmmm… if you have not had much success dressing him in the past I wouldn't try a scarf now the hat is a better idea

I try in vain to dress my husband! He prefers to be as casual as possible, and I have to admit that he looks so uncomfortable dressed up! I love that list though…that's a man I'd want to take home!

Or 50's enough. Or maybe its just because my husband and I are just too young for this list. But he only wears shorts, flip flops, and t-shirts in the summer time. Although the shorts and t-shirts have been getting better since i try to throw away anything that is advertising on his shirts.

Maybe that's the thing- men here aren't European enough for this list!

I'm not surprised that summer scarves were on the list. I think the U.S. is finally catching up to Europe with regard to the stylishness of scarves!

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