Sister Style: How We Wear It

I’m starting a fun little spinoff of the sister style series showcasing one item, worn four ways. The first in this series is sponsored by the lovely vintage inspired clothing company, Ruche, who sent us each this violet garland necklace.

Of course I was the only predictably boring one who wore it as it was pictured. Becca and Katrina found cute ways to wear it as a belt and Celeste tied it around like a choker. So hot, right? I love what a versatile accessory it is. How would you wear it?

Thanks to Ruche for sponsoring our first in this series! They have a great selection of stylish clothing and accessories to fill your closet (I’m crushing on this bow of beauty straw hat for beach outings). Be sure to check them out here.

Have a clothing and/or accessory shop and interested in sponsoring a Sister Style: How We Wear It post? Email me at liz(at) for more details


I adore the skirt with the striped shirt and blazer combo. Brilliant!

Cute! I've never heard of this company – many of there skirts look perfect for the blazing hot Nor Cal summer. thanks.

Celeste loves talking about this and I must admit, it's my favorite too! MOstly because I know all you Ricks ladies and you guys ALWAYS LOOK AMAZING! Keep em comin, Liz!

I look forward to this post! Love all of your styles–great mix of ways to wear it. Love!

I never thought I'd say this but I love Becca's socks with her shoes!

Very cute skirt and fabulous feature! I'm a big fan of downeast but i need to go find this skirt now

Oh, and this is Erica on Spencer's computer. He doesn't actually read fashion blogs. Shocking, I know.

Agreed with previous comments; I absolutely love this feature. I love seeing clothing swaps/remixes on other blogs, but it's even more fun when it's done by sisters (and people I know).

You girls are the cutest! I just love how four sisters have such different but lovely style:)

I have that same skirt! Just bought it last week and love it! Very cute ways to wear it here

love this series as well, you are all so stylish and very cute skirt!

i agree: this is one of my favorite features, too. maybe it's because my sisters and i have such similar tastes. we often unknowingly buy the same item and then proceed to wear it in our ways. (ps. cute skirt!)

This is one of my favorite features of any blog I read. You'll have such varied style, that you show a great mix of ways to wear it.PS. You all look like my mom and here sisters as young woman too!

I could totally use more of this. I love when I find a different way to wear something but it always takes me so long to think of it!Playing It Cooley

what a great spin off! they all look great and love your hair, ps

I love these remixing/swap posts! It's fun/inspirational to see how many people wear one item. Great idea. And I'd love to be a part of April's sister style. Just send me an email.North Meets South

I like it used as the scarf/choker necklace. I love versatility =)- Sarah

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