Pastel Tights

Vintage wedding dresses and heels with a rainbow of pastel tights? How beautiful is this! It makes me want to wear pastel tights with everything this season.

{seen via Christine on Pinterest}


I'm sorry but it looks awful. Fun yes, but looks wise.. bleck. The pink one is the only one that looks any good in my humble opinion (that counts for nothing 😉

As a group, this creates such amazing impact, but not sure how it would look on it's own. I do see Jenna from Modish in the middle looking gorgeous though!

The aqua, yellow, and green are my favorite. What a fun idea to use with bridesmaids or brides.- Sarah

What an awesomely cool picture! Love the tights! When I get married I wanna try to look for a vintage wedding gown! Maybe! =)Melanie's Randomness

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