Heidi Merrick Spring 2011

Noted for Spring from Heidi Merrick’s collection:
1. Honeysuckle. Khaki. Black. White. {Got it}
2. Longer skirt length {LOVE!}
3. Flats and capris are still cool {meh…}
4. Happy to see high-waisted gathered skirts are still in because that’s one skirt I can make! Wheels are turning for a long honeysuckle version…
5. Slouchy form-less jackets {LOVE!}


I really like the high waisted gathered skirts too. What would you pair it with if you weren't going to do the fitted tank?

Obsesses with the formless jacket. How can something without form be so flattering? Aah the wonders of fashion.seasonbystyle.blogspot.com/

Love these picks! That papaya color thrills me. It may be my color for spring – so appealing, so cheek-and-eye-brightening, so awake!

Is that model the girl from Harry Potter? Also I do love her stuff? Very cute. I am sure way more than I could afford.

wow i just clicked through to her site and want everything! thats trouble…

I've always loved slouchy jackets! Yeay for being in style! They make it so easy to hide, ahem, embarrassing rolls. :)Playing It Cooley

Oh crap. I feel a shopping spree coming on. My husband will resent me forever.

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