No Jeans for Two Weeks

New Years Resolution #2: No jeans for two weeks.

I started this last week because I’ve become really really sick of my daily jeans + cardigan routine. I have a lot of clothes but just don’t take the time to put interesting outfits together. I’ve been really loving it so far. The fun part of this challenge has been experimenting in dressing down the skirts and dresses I have since I work from home and my outings to the post office or grocery store don’t require heels or nice blouses. I spent some time going through my closet and putting some outfits together and taking photos.
Some tips I’ve learned so far:
1. Pairing a button down shirt and sweatshirt over a skirt and boots (kind of like above) works great
2. A nice vest (I have this one which I love and wear every day it seems like) does a great job of making any skirt or dress more casual.
3. A worn brown belt, tucked in tee and flats can make almost any skirt casual

Some casual, everyday, non-jean inspiration:



(image) I actually got that sweater as an early Christmas present πŸ™‚ 

I love these slouchy, layered looks. Totally up my ally. 
My goal after two weeks is that I would have discovered some great non-jeans options in my closet that will then incorporate themselves more naturally into my daily wardrobe routine.
Is anyone good at avoiding jeans? Any tips?


Hey Liz!I came across your blog entry from KellyAndOlive's Friday Findings ( :]Since last summer, which was full of lovely dresses and skirts, I transformed into a no-pants girls! So I'm quite the opposite of you and many of the other commenters :PJeans are just so uncomfortable to me!I winterize my dresses and skirts with a bunch of fun tights of all colors and patterns, belts, cardigans, scarves, etc. It's so much fun, and you'll certainly stand out from the usual crowd of jeans πŸ˜€ Hope it's going well!

I have been hooked on wearing dresses for about 2 years now – they are so much more comfortable and generally fit better. One thing I recommend for skirts in SLC when you visit is to layer tights as the cold air can be frigid with only one pair. Wishing you luck in your venture!

I'm checking out your blog for the first time and you've inspired me. I live a few hours north east of S.F. and I often wear skirts and boots when it rains. (hate wet hems) i tend to get in the cardi, t-shirt and jeans rutmyself and honestly, I just don't have the legs for leggings. I'm looking forward to reading more.

this is SUCH a great idea! I wear jeans all of the time, literally. Different styles, but always jeans. Inspired, indeed, thank you.

I should probably try this. At my wedding a friend came up and lifted up my wedding dress because she was sure I had to have jeans on. Seems maybe I wear jeans too much!

i like those high boots on the husk model but they are not offered on their web site.! Any suggestions?

Sarah, you're outside so much with your work I bet it would be hard. If I know I'm headed to the park or doing a lot of walking outside I'll wearing leggings and layers, kind of like that last image I have. Mostly though I'm not outside too much and if so, for pretty brief periods of time so I can get away with wearing skirts/dresses.

Liz, how do you not feel freezing cold in SF weather in a skirt? I wore dresses and skirts constantly when I lived in Chicago (believe it or not) because I had a solid 6 months from Spring to late Fall where it was comfortable but here in SF it can be so cold year round. What's your trick?

Jacinta, you are so inspiring! I hope to come out feeling like I have more options too. So far it's going great. I do have to spend a few more minutes figuring things out when I'm getting dressed but I'm sure I'll get more used to it by next week

How are you going with this?I actually did a challenge like this last September where I didn't wear any kind of denim (skirts & jeans) for one week. I loved it! It was towards the end of our winter too so that made it hard. (I'm in Australia). I have only worn a pair of jeans about 2 times since then.(and felt so BLAH). My friend did the challenge with me and is sworn off jeans 100%.Here is my first post. this is all the challenge: have been wearing skirts and dresses alot more (with tights during winter) and trousers and pants and I just love the feeling of more 'put together' than how I was feeling with jeans!

If I could get my hands on those studded flats, I would be golden! Anyone have any suggestions?

If I could get my hands on those studded flats, I would be golden! Anyone have any suggestions?

i only own a couple pairs of jeans but i've been trying to avoid flats lately. good luck!

yeah I actually have to force myself to wear my jeans (my hubby likes them) bc otherwise I wear leggings and tunics/casual dresses everyday now. so comfy yet stylish.

Love this! Dresses make me feel fantastic. Good luck lady!

Thanks for inspiring me to nix the jeans, if only for dinner out with a friend last night! Your idea outfits helped me come up with new way to pair some of my winter pieces that I really love πŸ™‚

What a great challenge! I probably own twenty pairs of jeans… and to be honest, they're all pretty similar. I can maybe think of five washes and fits. I really like the first picture and can't wait to try the layering! Thanks for the idea!And I'd love to see some pictures!

I have to wear Jeans to work, but as soon as I'm not pregnanat anymore I'm going to work on not wearing Jeans on the weekends! Great inspiration!

I do not own any pair of jean. yes, NONE! I am a bit overweight and I think a skirt makes me look thinner.Keep on going with your resolution!!Ylenia

Liz, you inspired me to don a skirt today instead of jeans! It's so blasted cold here that I'm going to have to invest in many more pairs of tights/leggings.

happyfamily- me too, but that's where leggings come in! steph- i think also the moderate weather here makes my wardrobe even more monotonous. i just go SO BORED with every jeans and cardigan outfit every day

I used to not wear jeans at all but then I began staying at home with my children and the jeans started appearing a little more often. However, the children are now 8 and 6 and the past couple of years I have found myself wearing skirts and dresses the majority of the time again. I find that a dress/skirt just makes me feel a little more put together and feminine.

Wow, this is a genius resolution – I never wear anything BUT jeans and I'm sick of it too! Can't wait to see your progress.

I love jeans! I am a stay at home mom and rarely wear skirts out except to church because chasing around my kids while wearing skirts involves a little too much flashing of others.

Hmm, I didn't have that on my list, but now that you mention it, maybe I should – I wear jeans far too much and they can get very boring! I have so many clothes in my wardrobe that I love, but which only see the light of day in summer – maybe I should try to find a way of wearing them more. I am going to try to not wear jeans for the second week of every month (seeing as I've already worn jeans every day in January so far!!)co.

I LOVE THIS! I only wear jeans for grubby stuff/dont own any other pants and live in skirts and dresses so I can attest that you can wear them everyday :0) I rock LOTS of jackets with my dresses and boots and it works great

this is very inspiring. my goal for the year was to get dressed up more often, but i like this twist on it. i was thinking along the lines of no PJs, but no jeans is much better. i'm gonna try it!

Love this resolution. I am a jeans and cardi girl too….mainly because the town I am currently in DOES NOT dress up! I am going to more often though because it is a great refresher:)

I did this today without much thought. I wanted to go to work my first day back from break a little dressier than usual. I work for a nonprofit and I work alone, so even though I go some place for work, I still often end up in jeans. :)And it IS cold here! Lovely midwest! But I feel like the leggings, dress, and open front cardigan I have on with warm almost knee high boots is just as warm as jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt.

Liz,I struggle with this daily. I have an awful bladder condition called interstial cyctistis which makes wearing jeans, specifically skinny jeans painful. So I'm often wearing dresses and skirts despire the 20 degree weather we have here in PA.I've found some really interesting tights at Sock DreamsThey are awesome! They also have a really great selection of thigh highs which I also wear so that I don't have anything pressing on my abdomen. I've never liked the feel of tights anyway.So thanks for all the tips! I WILL be using some of them!

My job is business casual, and over the years I've ended up with only one pair of jeans, which I seem to wear once or twice a month. Leggings have become my jeans – they're so comfy and work with dresses, skirts, anything. I'm wearing a silver party dress today that I "dressed down" with a dark purple cardigan and very, very functional boots.

All 2010 I wore more dresses, my 2011 goal would be to wear more jeans haha!xx

Thanks for the encoragement everyone! Maybe I'll post a few outfits Along the way. And yes, because it's so warm here it makes sense but if it were cold it might not be a good idea this time of year

This is a great idea… but I might wait till it warms up a bit πŸ™‚ I'm too far north!

I love the tshirt, belt, skirt deal…I need to quit wearing jeans to work, and you have inspired me!

I find that my jean-wearing is seasonal. I wear them more in the fall and winter. In the spring and summer I live in skirts and dresses–I can think of little less I want to do than wear a heavy pair of jeans in hot July.

What a great challenge, It's so hard for me to break out of my jean habit, your inspiration shots are great reminders of how skirts can be done casually.

I love this idea! I might take it as my own. I have gotten into a routine of wearing too many pants/jeans at work and during my time off. I can't wait to try and think outside of the box!

love love love this….leggings are GREAT. a pair of leggings with any skirt of dress (even summer styles layered!) with boots is so cute, chic, warm and cozy! even leggins with a longer button-down, a great, big, wore-in belt and boots is fun.totally need to get off my lazy jean routine!thanks for the inspiration!

The downfall of working from home….I live in jeans and leggings lately. I'll definitely be looking for some copycat outfits πŸ™‚

I live in jeans! I can't wait to see what you do and copy you endlessly.

Since I can't wear jeans to my day job, it's pretty easy to avoid them during the week. However, I live in them on the weekends and definitely need to introduce a skirt or two on my day off!

That's a great idea, maybe I should add that to my list.

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