Madewell Shoes

Seriously, every single pair is on my wish list. Also, have we changed our mind about clogs yet?  I’m still loving them and holding strong to that. But they do have to be the perfect pair.Ya know, like these Madewell ones that are on sale, again! Torture!

Westway Clog $99 plus 30% off right now!
Benisom Vintage Lace-Up Sneakers $65 (apparently every french woman owns a pair of these)
The Aberdeen Oxford $168
Leather Back Roads Bootie $198


Liz, you know what to do: Say Yes. To clogs. I bought a pair on ebay a few months ago and (gasp!) have yet to wear them but if you will I will.

I have the madewell clogs. I do love them. however they are not very comfy. ouch. so cute though.

I'm in complete agreement on the clogs! Been trying to convert & convince my husband without any success. These are gorgeous!

I love Bensimon shoes!! They are absolutely amazing!

Yeah! Know what you mean… Ive got to have some of those.. the white ones are really unique!

Maia, agreed. lace up booties are so hot right now!Stacey, ooh la la! talk about bows!

while i do love madewell shoes (and everything else they have), i can't get on board with clogs! i used to have a pair from jcrew back in the day that i loved, but now i can't do it! oh well…

I think you have convinced me to get a pair of clogs!!! So cute!!!

Almost bought a retro pair of wooden soled clogs with the softest leather top, and thought, "who wears clogs anymore?" and didn't. Regret.

Love clogs, it's the only way for a 5'2" girl to get a little height while still being comfortable. I love all 3 of my Dansko's, but those fringe clogs are adorable.

I've always been a fan of clogs, especially my Birkenstocks. They may not be the most stylish option out there but they're comfortable and super easy to slide on when one is balancing an infant, diaper bag, and purse.

oooh the booties would be perfect for early spring! (but…

I'm still feeling the clogs (says the girl with a serious No. 6 habit) and LOVE my bensimons – very comfy…

if i HAD to wear clogs, I'd wear those 😉 but i do love the oxfords!

LOVE the aberdeen oxfords. I love the extra detail of fringe on the front of the shoe that makes them just a bit different from regular oxfords!

Jenny and b.b. I KNOW! So tempting right now. My self control is seriously going to have to kick in right about now

BAH! Must buy the fringe clogs! You are an enabler, Liz Stanley.

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