definitely diy – i reckon mariah's got the right idea – maybe a stiff, ribbed cotton ribbon in gold would give the right texture?

Love it! Maybe even burlap?? I will have to check back and see what you come up with!

totally DIY-able! I'm thinking gold spray paint on some sort of cheaper jewelry making material. Make sure it's mettalic, meshy, and maleable…and no I didn't mean to alliterate that…!

mariah! genius, i'm totally doing this, thanks for great ideas

I have NO doubt that you could diy this! You are pretty darn amazing with this stuff.

Hello! De-lurking. 🙂 This could TOTALLY be a DIY! All you need is some twill tape, and gold ribbon. Fold back and finish the ends of the tape, then the triangles are just the gold ribbon wrapped into triangles around the tape and tacked down by hand. :-)Gold ribbon: tape: (this is 5/8”, but 3/8” shouldn’t be too hard to find)'d love to see if you give it a try! Mariah

I'd love to see how this looks ON someone. I volunteer you to DIY and show us modeling pictures 🙂

Darling! OK, my first DIY thought (when I saw this necklace) was: "gold spray-painted aida cloth!"

Right! I look to you for the DIY of all the things I desperately don't want to pay for 🙂

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