A guide to getting the best haircut

By beauty contributors Joanna and Molly of Irrelephant

Need a haircut but don’t know how to translate your vision to your stylist? We have 10 tips that will give you the perfect haircut appointment! As hairdressers ourselves, with 15 years of combined experience, we’ve realize how important the communication is between stylist and client! If you and your stylist are not on the same page no matter what the haircut will not be on point. So here are a few things that we have found to help with that communication:

ONE: Finding the right Stylist

  • If you like someone’s haircut and style, ask them for their stylist’s name.  Be careful to consider whether or not their hair is the same type as yours (thick/curly/thin, etc). Also, when looking for a stylist you might consider finding one that has generally the same style as you.  It does not have to be exactly the same, but you will want your stylist to be able to show you the latest trends for the hairstyle you have in mind.

  • Look on Social Media for their work. Research the stylist’s craft.  Again, look for  examples for your type of hair. Contact the salon, where they work, to see if they are actively pursuing continued education.

  TWO: Set a consultation/style out appointment 

  • If you’ve been burned before, set a consultation with the stylist you are considering.  Use this time to talk about your face shape, what kind of haircut would work best, products, and just getting to know each other. Most salons do complimentary consultations.  However, to make the trip worth your time and theirs, we suggest booking a simple wash and style out. This is an additional way to help the stylist get to know your hair and your styling preferences.  But don’t let the way they style your hair be your only focus.  What’s most important is can they cut and/or color your hair the way you want. Ask lots of questions.

THREE: You get what you pay for

  • If you want your stylist to be educated, professional, and passionate, then you will need to pay a bit more. The reason a good cut costs more is that continued education cost money. Not to mention the additional cost of high quality products and tools.  If a stylist is charging a very low amount, chances are, their continuing education and the tools of their trade are not up to par.

  • If you are on a budget, no worries, you can still find a good stylist.  One option would be to book a haircut and/or color with no style out.  Also, new stylists at the better salons are always looking to build their client list and are typically more budget friendly.  The point is don’t just look for a good deal on groupon.

FOUR: Bring Photos

  • Stylists love photos!  Pictures of cuts, color, updos, you name it!  Their version of a redhead could be completely different than yours.  They might be thinking burgundy red and you wanted copper.  Nothing clears this up faster than a photo.

  • Don’t just bring one! Bring in several that have 1 or 2 qualities in them that you like. If you like Zooey Deschanel’s bang thickness but Reese Witherspoon’s bang length bring a photo of each. If you like Taylor Swift’s hair length with Jennifer Anniston’s texture, bring both. Dissect the cuts with your stylist! Nothing makes your stylist happier than a clear vision.
    how to get a good haircut

FIVE: Words and their meaning

  • One inch might mean something different to your stylist than it does to you. Use your fingers to explain measurements. Point directly to where you want your hair to hit.

  • Words mean different things to people. You might think texture means gritty and rough. Your stylist thinks texture means having wispy ends and movement. The more thorough the description, the better chance your stylist has to catch your vision.

  • Explain how you want your haircut to make you feel. Hair is an artistic expression to a good stylist.

SIX: Talk about the past

  • Let the stylist know your past experiences with other stylists.  Also, tell them about your past experiences with haircuts, color, styles, techniques and products.

SEVEN: Let them do their job

  • Come to the appointment knowing what you want. But once you’ve done your job explaining everything, sit back and let them practice their craft.

  • Although stylists are trained and enjoy communicating with their clients, their best work is done when they can focus on their craft. Talking and catching up is great, but try not to distract them too much from doing their job.

EIGHT: Be On Time

  • Being on time means you’ll have a proper consultation and smooth appointment. Nothing is worse than rushing through a haircut.  Not too mention, showing your stylist that you respect their time as well.

NINE: Learn to style your hair

  • A perfect haircut is worthless if you don’t know how to showcase it. Again, ask lots of questions and watch your stylist carefully as she styles your hair!  Ask about the product they chose, the tools they used and anything else you can think of to make your styling experience at home just as good as in the salon.

TEN: Be honest

  • Most people move on after one bad cut. If it’s absolutely awful, then maybe it is time to try someone else. However, if it’s just a simple thing, let your stylist know. This is a good learning experience for both of you. Be forgiving but speak up.


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