10 Fab Finds Under $40


With March here, we’re drawn to neutrals, graphics, comfy tops and springy shoes. Here are some deals spotted under $40 this week!  See more deals on the Fab Finds Under $40 pinterest page

1. Satin Striped Tee $35.00/2. Strappy Mint Sandal $37.64/3. Amour Tee $24.99/4. Panama Hat $19.95/5. Braided Flats $34.99/6. Short Sleeve Sweatshirt $24.99/7. Straight and Narrow Jean $34.50/8. Jersey Dress $24.95/9. Reversable Shopper Bag $19.99/10. Bicycle Sweatshirt $19.99

In collaboration with fashion editor, Ashley


The line for the Amor shirt isn’t correct. Could you update it? I love this feature! Keep up the great work. 🙂

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