Current Bedtime Routine with Tom’s of Maine

Our family’s bedtime routine is constantly changing. Here’s how bedtime currently goes down, and a fun way we make it easier in partnership with Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry Toothpaste, the #1 natural kids toothpaste we love…

After dinner the girls get into their pjs. Sometimes we have a bath first, but we aren’t one of every-day-bathing families. I should probably clarify here: Jared and I shower every day but our kids only have baths about 3 or 4x a week. Henry’s old enough he showers on his own, but still needs reminders.

We brush teeth next. Henry’s on his own brushing now, Edie does it herself but then lets me ‘finish up’, and Dot mostly just chews on her toothbrush and sucks the water out of the bristles. We’ve been big fans of Tom’s of Maine natural toothpaste, celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary this year! It’s a great-tasting, natural toothpaste including real strawberry juice and other natural flavors with no artificial flavors, dyes or sweeteners. It’s also available with flouride or fluoride-free and is the first and only natural kids toothpaste to receive the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance which makes it an even easier decision.

For brushing, sometimes we set a timer for 2 minutes for Henry and Edie, but I’m loving this “Silly Brushing Song” that Tom’s of Maine created in partnership with children’s singer/songwriter Laurie Berkner. If you haven’t heard of her, she’s one of our very favorite musicians for kids (more about here and other favorites in our kid song post from this spring). The song is really fun (with a video as well, see below) to help keep kids brushing for a full two minutes, twice a day as recommended by the American Dental Association.

After brushing teeth, it’s story time on our bed. Henry often joins in too.

Edie’s always in charge of the books, and her demands just get more and more extensive. Right now we’re up to 5 books and then telling two stories (funny things that we just make up) before she falls asleep. Dot usually only lasts through a story or two before she goes down, since her bedtime is around 6:30 right now. Sometimes she’s in bed before we even start Edie’s bedtime routine. Edie’s bedtime is at 7:30, Henry’s is 9.

All of my children love books, so story time is for sure a favorite family past time. Jared’s really good at funny voices and making it really entertaining. Sometimes parts are even acted out by stuffed animals. After the girls are in bed, I sometimes read with Henry as well if there’s a book we’re reading together. Right now, it’s The Wizard of Oz.

Dot and Henry go to bed easily, but Edie requires more snuggling. After the 5 books, and 2 stories, she often requests a nighttime snack. But nothing ever sounds good to her so there’s some rummaging through the cupboards a bit right before she climbs back into bed. After lying down with her and telling stories she usually falls asleep and we sneak out for some much deserved quiet evening time with Jared.

What’s your bedtime routine like these days?

Thanks to Tom’s of Maine for sponsoring this post and making great tasting, natural toothpaste our family loves. And thanks to my friend Catherine for letting me shoot in her light filled bathroom!


I love Tom’s of Maine and have been using them for years! We’re working on this project too and I can’t wait to try their kid versions with my littles!

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