7 Apps that make our lives easier

We’ve talked a bit about our favorite apps before, but with so new ones all the time I thought we’d revisit this subject. Today, each Say Yes team member is sharing an app they’re currently obsessed with. What app would you add?

Here’s what we’re loving:

I really like Canva because it makes me feel like I’m a pro in graphic design; so far I created invitations to parties for the kids, Christmas cards for friends and family, my own resume!, thank you notes to teachers, instagram collages, and a magazine. It’s super easy to understand, it has amazing good taste and it’s free. Besides it’s on your laptop, iPad and iPhone.  –Marta

I’ve been using a navigation app called Waze instead of google maps lately.  Because waze is community driven, the people on the roads are the ones creating the data. It picks up traffic jams, speed and construction all through the data collected from real time drivers. Everyone uses this app here in montreal right now. – Gaby

Decide Now removes the hassle of making a decision or choice. My favorite wheel just lists my kids’ name and when I press the button, the app decides which one of them sets the table that night, or practices piano first or gets the perk of staying up late. And the best part isn’t even how fun it is (and it’s pretty fun) but that no one argues with the results! –Michelle

I love the Scan and Go App for Sams club. You put your card and information in so when you go shopping you can scan everything from your phone as you put it in your cart. No waiting in a line to check out at the end! Just walk out and they scan your phone on your way out. It’s a life savor with kids! – Ashley

I like the NPR One app to catch up on news and any shows that I miss. It’s really easy to navigate and keeps me company in the car for all the dropping off and picking up that is my life these days!- Sarah

Marta actually turned me on to this app called Notebook (named best app of 2016 by the Apple Store). It makes organizing lists, ideas, photos, and documents super easy (and it’s really good looking too). – Liz

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I’m a production manager for tv production, so Waze totally helps me! One of the drivers working in our production introduce it to me, so it makes me easier to track where everyone and everything is when I send them to locations.

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