All White American Flag


I know Fourth of July decor should be all about red, white, and blue but I can’t help but lean much more heavily towards the Scandi-style whites for a more understated (still very festive, I think) American flag. Maybe your neighbors won’t think it’s festive enough, but I’m digging it. The fun thing about this project is that everything is re-usable and temporary, so you won’t ruin that nice linen tablecloth you have or the fancy ribbon you’ve saved. Yeah for temporary decor! Here’s how to make it…





all white american flag


Linen tablecloth

Nice silk ribbon

White vinyl or leather (you can buy a 1/4 yard for about $5 at your local fabric store)


Double sided tape

all white american flag

Step 1: Measure out how long you’ll need your ribbon and cut strips- at least 3 long (for the long stripes) and 2 short (to go under the stars).

all white american flag

Step 2: Using a sticker or other stencil, trace and cut out a bunch of stars out of the vinyl. How many depends on how big your tablecloth is, and how close you want the stars to be. Don’t worry about needing 50!

all white american flag

Step 3: Using double sided tape, add the ribbon and stars as shown above to make an American flag-esque design.

Step 4: To hang we wrapped the top of the linen around some rope, secured using safety pins, and then tied the rope around two trees.



A simple Fourth of July decor that’s festive but doesn’t scream AMERICAN FLAG. Just suggests it. If you’re into this one, you might like the mudcloth version of a a flag one we did last year (still a favorite project of mine!)


To me, white symbolizes “heavenly.” In memory of all the men and women in heaven who died for this country.

Ooh, I love it! A clean, stylish treatment. It’s almost like a “blank canvas”, a new beginning.

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