Surviving Summer Vacation


Kids count down the days until school ends, but as a parent I start to get a little panicky as June comes around the corner. Unstructured summer days can be magical for the kids, but leave little time to myself. The question we’ve been discussing with the Say Yes team is: How do you take care of yourself during the summer? Here are some ideas and tips we’ve been thinking about…

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Last summer there was an article published in the Huffington Post whose headline made me chuckle. It said, “Summer Vacation Drives Working Parents Insane“. The opening paragraph said, “…you probably think summer is still an awesome time for families. I know I used to believe this.”. HA! Do you relate? Here are some tips for making it taking care of yourself…

Making time for a book.  Erica says, “While my daughter naps, I love to eat my lunch alone outside and read a good book.”.  Ashley suggests, “Bring a book everywhere you go and take advantage of any moment you have to yourself (ie. kids playing at the park, swim lessons etc)”.


Relying on friends. Gaby says she loves to meet up with friends for dinner or at the park for a picnic if her husband is working late. “It makes the evenings so much more manageable”. Sarah had a genius weekly trade idea: “Every summer I set up a swap with some good friends that have kids the same age as mine. I take their kids one day a week and vice versa. It’s always been a great way to get some free time and break up the week.”

Health. Ashley says, “I use this yoga podcast. They have session that are all different lengths and types for what you need and what you have time to squeeze in. Hazel will do it with me sometimes too”.


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Some more ideas on self-care during the summer:

Find a way to get moving. Lately, I’ve been on a great exercise routine and I’m hoping to take me through the summer months because it’s been amazing for my mental health. Every other morning I wake up an hour earlier and go for a long hour run and listen to podcasts. I really do look forward to that alone time! Erica, had a similar idea, she suggests that “if your child rises as early as mine, set her up with the iPad in one room, and do some yoga in the other. A little bit of exercise+quiet time sets my day right.”.

Mini spa at home. Erica suggests “these face masks and this nail polish help me unwind and feel like a million bucks”. I love a good soak with some bath salts and calming music too.

Aspirational planning. Something to look forward to always gets me through long days. Whether it’s big purchases or dream vacations. Gaby says one of her favorite things in the evening is researching Westfalias online with a glass of wine in bed. She says “it feels indulgent and gets me dreaming of amazing family adventures”.


Busy activities for kids. We all had a trunk load of ideas for keeping kids busy while you spent some much needed alone time. Gaby suggests “a box of bandaids and an army of stuffed animal patients can keep my girls busy for hours”. Edie will spend hours with coloring books and listening to story podcasts like Storynory and Barefoot Books while I make dinner. Okay, more like 30 minutes but feels like forever for a 3 yr old! Henry loved this Me book. It’s brilliant. It’s a kind of journal/activity book combo that’s really fun for them to fill out and something that’s a great keepsake.

 What do you do to take care of your self during the summer months?
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I love summer vacation! I did enjoy it as a kid and I am enjoying it as a parent! Feel the vibe! Great tips on health care!

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