Spring Planting

This post is sponsored by Tomcat® Animal Repellent

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With a new house and spring weather finally here, we’ve been excited to get our hands dirty in the soil and do some planting. Our yard has some nice areas to plant, and today we’re working on a little strawberry and veggie garden in partnership with Tomcat® Animal Repellent. Here are some photos of our afternoon…


My favorite of our yard might be this little garden path between the front and back yards above with a pomelo tree ripe for pomelo-ade!

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First, Henry helped me fill the planting bed with fresh soil. He does a lot of garden work at his school and loves helping out. We planted some strawberries, tomatoes, and sweet peppers.

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Last year we tried to plant some strawberries but animals snatched them right before they were ripe for us to pick. This kids were so disappointed! We had been planning strawberry desserts we wanted to make all spring. This year we’re making sure that doesn’t happen again and are protecting our plants with Tomcat® Animal Repellent which use essential oils that repel animals while being safe for use on edible foods in your garden.

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Planting is one of Henry’s favorite things to do, which makes it a really way to spend time together as a family and get work done in the yard. I like to do it during Dot’s nap since she’s starting to crawl around and really get into everything (and putting everything in her mouth).

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Edie, being a toddler, has a love/hate with any activity. Mostly, she is super anxious about those strawberries growing again!

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Isn’t this tomato plant gorgeous?

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After everything was planted, to protect against unwanted animals nibbling on our garden, we sprinkled the Tomcat Animal Repellent right into the bed after planting. Super easy, and now all our hard work is protected.

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Excited to do some more planting in our new yard!

This post is sponsored by Tomcat Repellants®. 


We love strawberry patches! Such a fun thing to do as a family

We use Tomcat and it works great! Good luck on your veggie patch

Your yard looks gorgeous, Liz! Hope those strawberries survive!

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