Say Yes is Hiring Remote Editors!


The best content on this site comes when I’m keeping my eyes and ears on the ground. Listening and learning and meeting new people with fresh ideas and perspectives. Getting a sense of what the buzz on the street is, what’s important to them and those they love, what’s new and exciting that they want to share. Being in the know. But there’s this thing about having 3 kids that makes my head spin. It becomes more and more challenging mentally to juggle things (even with childcare). I wish I had several more extra hours in the day to be everything and everyone I need to be! And my current team is busy enough photographing and crafting, researching, keeping things running smoothly on the backend, and also many being busy moms themselves. I really want Say Yes to continue to produce the best content that’s useful, compelling, and relevant for you guys.

So! I’m excited to announce that we’re expanding our team…

We’re hiring several remote editors to help come up with content ideas for Say Yes. These are super part time positions (just a few hours a week), and remote (so you don’t have to live in the bay area). But we’re looking for very specific candidates that have an innate sense of what women want to talk about. What women are interested in learning about, what useful ideas they share with their girlfriends when they meet for lunch. Maybe it’s a new recipe they make weekly, a podcast they love, a baby carrier they can’t live without, how to tie the perfect neckerchief, a favorite cheese for entertaining, or funny ideas for April Fools jokes on their kids. Because I want this site to feel like lunch with your girlfriends: honest, spontaneous, current, fun, and always relevant and useful.

Your expertise could be in a specific lifestyle niche (like in cooking, or parenting, or fashion, etc). Or it could be that you’re just that one in your group of girlfriends everyone goes to for advice about what’s new, cool, relevant, and share-worthy.

So, if you feel like you’re in the know about trends across any lifestyle topic this blog covers (food, family/parenting, entertaining, crafts, style, and travel) and are interested in joining our team remotely and part time, we’d love to chat! These are PAID positions and include lots of great perks (even if you’re working remotely) like exposure on this site, learning the ins and outs of influencer marketing, free products to try, team events and retreats.

To apply: Please email Stephanie at No need to include a formal resume, but links to your social media accounts and pinterest pages would be a huge help. Be sure to tell us a bit about why you think you’d be a good fit, what draws you to the content we currently produce on Say Yes, and some examples of content.

Thanks guys!!


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