Dollar Store Valentines: STICK with me


Last year we started a series on Dollar Store Valentines that we got great feedback on, so we’re continuing with it this year. They’re simple and creative ideas for school valentines from things you can find at your local dollar store. We’ll be sharing a couple ideas each week until Valentine’s Day. Our first are these rainbow candy sticks attached with a STICK with me note.

Keep reading for more and also a couple ways we’re making it easier for you guys this time…

1. Some of the feedback we got last year was that it was hard to find the same items at your local dollar store, which I get is super frustrating when you’re trying to put together classroom valentines in a jiffy! So, for each Valentine’s day phrase, we’ll give you a few examples of items you can use with it. So you can go the store with a ton of ideas, and not necessarily looking for something specific. For example, if you can’t find candy sticks for this one, you could use anything sticky like stickers, washi tape, gumballs, or those sticky window hands (you know those weird things kids love??). Lots of ideas for this ‘STICK with me’ phrase.

2. We’re not making printables this year. Some of you said that it was frustrating to print so many sheets or that the size wasn’t quite what you needed. So, these are just fun phrases paired with dollar store finds. Nothing to print out. (But let us know, did you end up missing the printables?)

3. We tried super hard to not have too much candy…and essentially failed. So, about half of these involve candy. You could also attach these valentines to a celery stick also it might not get the same response.

4. Lastly, the feedback from Henry last year was that these were waaaayyy too lovey. He wasn’t into it. So we’re trying to make them more friendly, cool, and less lovey since kids start to get uncomfortable with too much lovey dovey smoochiness in elementary school.

Okay, back to the STICK with me Valentines!


We used our large alphabet stamp set (kids love stamping!) and hand lettering on cardstock. We also used some thick waxed twine to attach it, but really anything will do!


Colorful, easy, and friendly-not too lovey (you’re welcome, Henry).

See more in our Dollar Store Valentines series right here. Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Stephanie Gardner. 


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