DIY Rainbow Felt Tree Ornaments

DIY felt tree ornaments

I tend to go pretty neutral on Christmas decor, but every once in a while something in me goes nuts for color and it usually ends up in a rainbow project. Today we’re making some rainbow tree ornaments with felt. You can make these into a garland too! Here’s how…


DIY felt tree ornaments

Supplies: felt in rainbow colors (we love this pack), twine, stuffing, scissors, sewing machine, hot glue or fabri-tak


Step 1: Cut out triangles for the trees and small squares for the stumps.

Step 2: Sew the stump to the inside of the tree as shown above. Repeat with other side of tree, sewing the stump to the inside.


Step 3: Tie a small piece of twine into a knot with a loop

Step 4: Place the twine loop on top of the triangles, and place the second side of the tree onto of the first side with right sides (stumps) together.


Step 5: Sew around edges and then fold back to the right side leaving an inch open. Stuff with stuffing.

Step 6: Seal up using fabri-tak or other felt-friendly glue.

DIY felt tree ornaments

Each one is a little different, but I love how they turned out! Ready to hang or make a garland with.

DIY felt tree ornaments

A little behind the scenes shot (always shooting in my socks!)

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Stephanie Gardner. Crafting and sewing by Gaby Viglas


These are so cute! I work at an AIDS Service Organization and these are great inspiration for decorating our lobby.

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