A Stocking Stuffer Idea


Here’s how Christmas morning worked at our house growing up: anytime after 6am we were allowed into the living room to view the tree surrounded by white tissue paper packages and our filled stockings.  The stockings were placed on the ground next to the fireplace and surrounded by the loot: fancy fruit (like pineapples, mango, kiwi), a sugared cereal, little toys, and a new holiday DVD. This holiday DVD was Santa’s moment of genius that offered my parents an extra hour and a half of sleep before present opening at 8am. I’m thinking we need to keep this tradition alive! Santa had a great plan to ensure a happy and restful Christmas morning for everyone. Along with that tradition, today I have a great idea for your stocking! Leave a family iPhone or iPad with Toca TV, a new video streaming app for kids, downloaded and ready to watch in their stockings Christmas morning.

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I was super excited to hear about Toca TV and their new video streaming app for kids. Have you heard of it? I’m a huge fan of Toca Boca apps so I was really stoked to hear about this service. No third party advertising, and no algorithms. Thousands of videos, with more added each week. Videos like Minecraft gameplay, DIY crafts and recipes, silly songs, animals, etc. There’s also exclusive Toca Boca videos like new kid-hosted shows, animated originals and videos featuring the Toca Boca characters kids are already familiar with.


Toca TV was designed from the kid’s perspective and tested with hundreds of kids to ensure that kids love it. We also love that kids can film their own videos, with a recording tool and animated filters to add.


Guys, it’s SO much fun! My kids are both obsessed now. It’s $4.99 a month and the first 100 readers to use the code SAYYES at checkout will get your first month free!

Thanks to Toca TV for sponsoring this post.


Nice, this sounds like a great alternative to random youtube videos (like those unwrapping toys one) my toddler watches. Also you’re making me feel old- you had DVDs in your stockings? We had betamax!

Hey – I would like to read the post before this one on Amazon Prime gifts, but it doesn’t seem to be working? Could you fix the link? Thank you!

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