Family Chores Video


I’m excited to share with you another fun family video we made with Lysol. This time, we’re tackling some easy ways to get the kids involved with family chores, especially with cold and flu season coming up where we have to be extra vigilant about disinfecting hard surfaces. We’re partnering with Lysol and their Disinfecting Wipes to be proactive about cleanliness of toys, car seats, door handles, and other common hard surfaces without getting out the paper towels. These common surfaces can hold cold and flu germs for up to 48 hours and these wipes kill 99.9% of them.*

Check out our fun video below showing some scenes from our daily life, including the walk to school and our disco ball cleaning dance parties:

And keep reading for a few favorite moments from shooting the video…

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Behind the scenes image above shooting with the always amazing Jenner Brown. Check out our other Lysol video from this past spring (with over 2 million views now- wowzers!)

* When used as directed


Hi, I have been looking for a disco ball but can’t seem to decide which one to get. Can I ask where you found yours and is it glass?

Where is Edie’s suspender dress from? So cute! Love how you guys are still rocking the discoball too!

You guys are adorable, and 2 million views on the last video??? BIG TIME!

Lysol? Uber? I’m sad to stop reading your blog, but more and more posts are “sponsored” by brands I don’t care about at all. I’m bummed that you seem to be posting fewer posts that feel like a reflection of you and more posts that feel like contrived advertisements. I don’t mind a sponsored post if it’s a cool, interesting brand, but these just aren’t.

Hi Meghan! In an ideal world, every brand sponsorship is a cool, new, interesting brand. And some are just household brands that I still use but maybe aren’t as sexy. It’s also the nature of the holiday season- a lot more sponsored content that keeps Say Yes afloat the rest of the year. I try to keep all sponsored content GOOD content and love when brands like Lysol allow me to produce fun content like this family video. I hop you can be supportive of the brands that keep the doors open here at Say Yes!

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