Strawberry Baby Halloween Costume

strawberry halloween baby costume

We’ve got a delicious, juicy baby costume for you today: a freshly picked strawberry! Here’s how to put one together…

PS Lots more Halloween costume ideas right here!


strawberry baby halloween costume

For this costume we started with a red onesie and added small white felt dimples to it with fabri-tac or hot glue. The socks are actually these tights that we chopped to make into knee high socks. The leaf collar and leaf hat DIYs are below!


Here’s how we made the strawberry leaf hat…


1. Cut leaves out of green felt with a 1 inch bottom that you can pinch. Using the round bottom of a paper cup as a base, pinch the bottom of the leaves and glue start gluing them around the paper cup. Pinching the stiff felt will allow them to stand up a little bit. We like using fabri-tac or hot glue.

2. Pin or glue to a green pilot’s cap. There are a lot of instructions on making your own, or you can might be able to find one on etsy.

strawberry costume hat

Here are instructions on making the strawberry collar…

strawberry costume hat

1. Cut a long piece of thick green bias tape and a lot more of the green petals.

2. Start gluing them to the bias tape, overlapping slightly. The bias tape is great because you don’t need to sew or finish those ends!


strawberry baby halloween costume

Delicious looking strawberry baby!

Photography and creative direction by Liz Stanley. Crafting by Gaby Viglas and Judith Chasova. Assisted by Stephanie Gardner. Thanks to Dot for modeling!