Raspberry Halloween Costume

raspberry costume

Fruit costumes on kids are some of my favorites. We had Dot as a strawberry earlier this week, and today Edie’s a raspberry!  Plus, one more baby fruit costume coming up! The funny story behind this raspberry costume is that it was actually Edie’s idea. When she saw Dot was going to be dressed up as a strawberry, she insisted on being a raspberry. Brilliant, Edie! So, we added one more costume to the list. You could easily use this same technique for a bunch of grapes!

raspberry halloween costume

Here’s how to put it together…


1. We started with a red toddler onesie and a pack of some mini 5” balloons in wildberry.  We blew up the balloons with slight variation in size so it wouldn’t look like a perfect grid (raspberries are imperfect!). Then we did a simple stitch to attach them to the onesie, and added a bit of hot glue to reinforce.


raspberry halloween costume

2. For the green leaf collar and leaf cap we used the same one as the baby strawberry costume, so you can find the tutorial for making those right here.

3. We finished it off with red rain boots. I somehow always forget about the cold when I make costumes so you could easily add red or green tights for trick or treating.




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Photography and creative direction by Liz Stanley. Crafting by Stephanie Gardner and Gaby Viglas. Thanks to Edie for modeling!


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