DIY Halloween Cat Garland

diy cat banner

So I had this idea a while back about making a cat garland for Halloween with silver straw whiskers. The only hang up was going to be cutting out all those darn cat faces! Then, while shopping in the dollar section of my local Target, I found a pack of already cut cat faces! So this project went from not-so easy to ridiculously easy…

diy cat banner

We started with the pre-cut cat faces from Target (I hope you can still find them in the dollar section!),  some silver straws from Oh Happy Day Party Shop, scissors, tape, and craft glue.

Step 1: Cut the straws in about thirds.

diy cat banner

Step 2: Glue as whiskers onto the cat faces

diy cat banner

Step 3: Thread the string through the ears and secure with a piece of tape in back.


i love the sweet painting of the lady in the yellow dress. would you mind sharing the source/artist’s name?

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