DIY Angel Wings

diy anglel wings

We have a easy and elegant set of DIY angel wings today for a Halloween costume. You can dip dye these to make them any color for fairies or birds as well. I think we might make some fairy wings next! These are made with simple household materials, and no sewing whatsoever. Here’s how to make them…





Supplies: 2 wire hangers, coffee filters, doilies in two different sizes, scissors, glue, white duct or gaffer’s tape


Step 1: Straighten and then snap the end of each hanger off


Step 2: Wrap and then tape together


Step 3: Gently pull them to make them more oval shaped. We only pulled the top and left the bottom pointy. Don’t mess with it too much! It’ll make too many kinks that you won’t like.


Step 4: Layer the structure with duct tape first, and then start adding coffee filters and doilies, gluing on top of each other and layering as  you wish.

Step 5: Simply time medium width elastic around the middle section to make straps for the shoulders (like how you’d wear a backpack)

DIY angel wings

diy angel wings

Photography and creative direction by Liz Stanley. Crafting by Stephanie Gardner. 


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