Baby Chick Halloween Costume

baby chick costume

Chirp! Chirp! We’ve got a cuddly newborn chick pecking around for Halloween candy today. This might be the easiest costume yet! It only took a few minutes to make. Details after the jump…








We started with a yellow onesie, orange tights, and a yellow pilot’s cap.


For the chick tummy, we simply glued a yellow feather boa onto a light yellow onesie  in a back and forth motion. We also glued the boa onto the arms for wings, and onto the pilot’s cap for a fuzzy head.

On top of the pilot’s cap we added some extra feathers to stick up straight. An orange triangle beak was made with face paint crayons.

baby chick halloween costume





It takes a village to wrangle a baby chick into the perfect baby chick pose.

Photography and creative direction by Liz Stanley and Gaby Viglas. Crafting by Stephanie Gardner and Sarah Iveson. See more Halloween costumes ideas right here


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