15 Favorite Last Minute Halloween Ideas

By Stephanie

Can you believe Halloween is just a few days away?! We thought a round up of our favorite last minute Halloween ideas could be helpful as you prepare for this weekend. Whether you are looking for a last minute costume, final decorative touches to spook trick-or-treaters, or deciding which creative Halloween treats and crafts to make, we’ve gathered our favorite Say Yes Halloween posts here to help you out…

(above) 1. These DIY Ghost Lights made with ping pong balls and LED lights are easy to make and so cute!


2. Still haven’t decided what to dress up as this weekend? Check out this Last Minute Couples Costumes post! We love the idea to keep it simple and adapt something from our own closets into clever costumes.


3. One of our favorite ideas from this year, the Pokeball Baby Costume will definitely be a crowd pleaser with stuff from your babies closet and some felt.


4. To balance out all the candy that will be pouring into homes for Halloween, here is a super cute and healthy idea: Grapefruit Jack-O-Lanterns with Fall Harvest Salad.


5. I love this Giant Spooky Spiderweb DIY from a few years back, its perfect to set up right before Halloween!


6. Eleven from Stranger Things has got to be one of my favorite costume ideas from this year, it couldn’t be more Halloween appropriate and you can definitely find something in your home to put this costume together!


7. This tutorial will show you how to get Easy Spiky Halloween Hair.


8. Cute and delicious, Jack-O-Lantern Chocolate Cookies are the perfect treat to bring to a Halloween party!


9. DIY Angel Wings made with coat hangers, coffee filters, and doilies are beautiful and easily paired with a white dress for an angelic last-minute costume.


10. So yummy and cute! DIY Donut Hole Ghosts are the perfect Halloween treat!


11. Camp Counselors were one of our favorite Last Minute Couples Costumes from a couple years back.


12. Want to try something different with your hair for Halloween? Check out our 20’s Inspired Hair for Halloween tutorial!


13. Jane Fonda for Halloween! Check out this easy last-minute toddler costume!


14. Pumpkin shaped sweet potato chips are a great salty snack for Halloween.


15. Lastly, here are 20 Last Minute Couples Costume Ideas that will surely inspire an awesome costume for this year!

See all our Halloween ideas right here, including this year’s costumes. Wishing you all a lovely, safe Halloween!


Our Halloween night tradition of getting the firepit going while handing out candy, but that will be out this year (it’s supposed to be in the upper 80’s tomorrow night). I’m thinking a giant spiderweb across the garage may be the fill-in. Sort of. Thanks for the idea.

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