Baby Shower Gifts I Recommend Again and Again


Advice for baby shower gifts is the most common text and email I get from family and friends. I guess having three kids makes you somewhat of an expert in that area! So, I thought I’d share a few of those favorite gifts with you today. Baby shower gifts are fun because you can gift them either something they really need, or something special they might not buy for themselves. Here’s a list of carefully edited gifts I recommend again and again…



1. The comfiest footed pjs. My babies live in footed pjs for the first few months and these ones from Giggle are really soft and great quality. If you’re looking to buy in bulk, check out the Australian brand, BONDS Wondersuits. Very reasonable, super comfy, and free shipping to the states over $100.

2. After footed pjs, my newborns are in onesies and leggings most often. These ones from Mabo Kids are just the best. Amazing quality and the perfect striped fabric.

3. If they aren’t in footed pjs all day, they’ll need something to cover those toes. Newborn socks slip off really easily, but these Zutano soft booties are perfect for covering newborn toes.

4. SPLURGE: A pair of Freshly Picked crib moccasins in practically every color of the rainbow is such a sweet gift, and a great start to a fabulous collection of the best made baby shoes out there.

5. Babies were meant to be dressed in bonnets every day and the ones from Briar Handmade are our very favorite (plus, their new line is to die for!). I’d pick a neutral bonnet + soft sherpa lining that can go with everything and in a size a tad big (like 3-6 months at least) so they can get the most wear out of it. Edie still wears her 18 month ones!

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1.  My ongoing love affair with wooden baby toys continues with this white bunny roller (gorgeous to display as well in the nursery).

2. Pull along toys were how both Edie and Henry learned to walk, and this colorful elephant one is such a classic.

3. Not only beautifully designed, but this Plush Baby Basics Book is perfect for newborn eyes learning to see.

4. Sophie the giraffe, though sweet as can be, has become ubiquitous. So if you don’t feel like labeling your Sophie, we’re loving the new adorable teething toy on the block: The Zebra.

5. I have a thing for Sara O’Leary’s books and this one called When I Was Small might be my very favorite (and where we found Dot’s name!)

6. HABA makes some of the best baby toys, including these colorful wooden balls. Made in Germany, shipped via Amazon Prime! My kind of last minute baby shower gift.




1. SPLURGE: I was gifted a Coyuchi stroller blanket when Dot was born and it quickly became our very favorite snuggle blanket. It’s amazingly soft, a generous size, and the perfect weight.

2. We love these Emoi mushroom night lights so much we have one in each of our kid’s rooms (they come in green and pink). The light is perfectly soft, and they can pick the color they want it to glow each night. We’ve been through a few night lights and these are our favorite. Bonus: Amazon Prime!

3. Every new mom quickly learns that pacifier clips are A. total necessity and B. sadly, all ugly looking. These leather clips from Etsy are excellent quality and come in a variety of great looking, neutral colors. If you’re feeling crafty, here’s our tutorial for making them yourself!

4. I have dozens of swaddle blankets but I found these organic muslin ones from Marguax and May to be amazingly soft, even at the first wear.

5. A perfect example of something super sweet they probably wouldn’t buy themselves: adorable hair clips. Our favorites are from Hello Shiso. Aren’t these new pencil designs so perfect for the fall?

6. SPLURGE: Solly Wraps have great designs, and small enough to throw in your diaper bag. A simple, stylish way to wear your sweet new baby.


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I was gifted with a couple Bond pijamas when I had my second daughter and I loved them! They were brought directly from Australia: they aren’t sold here in Italy , I think. They really are comfy and snuggly!
Also, I got a pacifier clip when my first daughter was born and I didn’t like it at first because pacifiers weren’t for us (first daughter sucked her thumb and second daughter got so confused with the paci sucking/nursing that I had to stop immediately). Later, though, I found the pacifier clip useful to keep teething toys attached to their shirts, and now the girls use it as a leash for stuffed dogs with the Nuby teething necklace as a collar!

Hi Liz! I always love your recommendations. I’ve been trying to find an old post where you talk about buying better made shoes. Could you help me find that old post or links to places to buy well made lasting shoes? Thanks!

i use your tutorial for the pacifier clip every time a friend has a baby…love!

I love that you included Bonds Wondersuits! They really are such a basic baby essential back home in Australia. Everyone I know wore them as babies themselves and dresses their own babies in them now 🙂 I had a lot sent over when my youngest was born as I couldn’t find anything similar here in the US. After my little one wore them I passed them onto friend after friend. They’ve been worn by 3 or 4 babies now and everyone I’ve passed them onto has been in awe of them!

Oh, and I also love the idea of a meal delivery service as a gift for new parents. This works great as a group gift with different families/individuals gifting a different meal each night (or however often the deliveries are set to). You can use a company like Munchery and people can contribute as much or as little as they would like.

Or, if you’re super organized you can just organize it yourself with a spreadsheet and a group of friends! When my 5 year old’s teacher had a baby a few months early last year the class families banded together to provide meals every couple of days. This was especially helpful for her when she was on bed rest leading up to the delivery and in those early weeks when she and her husband were spending most of their time in the NICU ward.

I know of friends who have pooled money to organize cleaning services for new parents too. I know I definitely would’ve appreciated that one!

Those are both such thoughtful ideas- I’ve done meal delivery as a gift to a really good friend who didn’t quite live close enough to bring food, and it was really appreciated

Rather than yet more clothes and stuffed animals, I appreciated contributions toward bigger-ticket items like a car seat and a stroller.

I agree that’s a really thoughtful thing to do! Sometimes it’s just hard to coordinate and/or find out what exactly they need

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