12 Apps we can’t live without


Here at the Say Yes team, we constantly use our smart phones and not just for Instagram and Snapchat. There’s so many amazing apps available! We thought we’d share a few of our favorite apps that have made our lives a bit easier…


1. iDream – A white noise app I use for the baby. I love it because it has different nature white noise sounds and your phone doesn’t have to be on for it to be playing.

2. Venmo – A money app that lets me pay and request money from my friends all in a couple of clicks. I love how simple it is.

3. FavorCart – You have your friends and neighbors sign up, and when someone goes to the store they can send out a notification and people can ask for a favor, like “hey can you pick up a gallon of milk and some eggs!” A great app for moms who have their hands full.


4. WhatsApp – this app allows me to send direct text messages anywhere in the world. Since most of my family lives in Brazil and some even further away in Vietnam and France, this makes keeping in contact really easy!

5. Waze – Waze is by far my favorite navigation app. It’s constantly updating real-time traffic information and will create routes that go around major traffic jams. When I use Waze, I feel like I’m outsmarting traffic and like I know a secret a lot of other people don’t know – it’s great!

6. Feedly – Feedly is a one-stop shop for me to read and organize any information I want to be seeing online. It allows me to save my favorite websites from a variety of categories (news, design, fashion) all in one location for easy reading. This keeps me up-to-date with everything I want to see


7. Unroll.Me– Before this app, I was spending several minutes every morning deleting emails from all the subscription lists I’ve somehow ended up on. This app logs into your email and lists all the subscriptions lists you’re on, then you can easily scroll through them and can quickly unsubscribe to them, or roll them up into one weekly email. It’s a serious time saver!

8. Find My Friends– this isn’t an app, but a feature that comes with my iPhone that Jared and I find extremely useful. We have our locations shared with each other all the time so we don’t have to constantly ask where the other one is, or if they’ve left work yet, etc. It’s probably only appropriate for a spouse since it’s pretty invasive, but you an also share for a specific period of time if you’re an amusement park or something and want to keep track of friends.

9. Paprika this is where I store all my recipes. Most of the recipes I find online, so I can easily add them to this app and it formats them automatically to my recipe book. It’s nice to have the recipes wherever I go too so I don’t have to remember to take a recipe book on vacation.


10. Wunderlist – In Wunderlist, you can create lists, to-dos, calendars, etc. and share them with anyone you choose. My husband and I can access and edit our family’s grocery list and to-do list from our respective phones, and I also like to keep a running list of gift ideas and places I want to explore. So many options!

11. Overdrive – Overdrive keeps my library at my fingertips and in my pocket and is my favorite app for audiobooks.

12. Runkeeper – Any time I run outside, I have to turn on Runkeeper. It tracks my mileage, speed, elevation, and everything else you might want to know about your runs. I (sometimes) enjoy seeing how each run compares to my past ones, and I’m obsessed with knowing my pace breakdown.

What apps do you find useful? Have you tried any of our favorites?

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My favorite App is definitely Zenkit. Thanks for your List!

Jasmin Lesser

Whatsapp has been a life saver and soothes this mama’s nerves as it keeps my deployed son & I in contact daily

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