15 DIY Back to School Projects

By Assistant Editor Erica

paint chip calendar vertical

Throughout my formal education years, I have always looked forward to go back to school. Part of it was seeing my friends again, and part of it was actually, you know, going to class again (nerd alert!). With summer coming quickly to a close, your children are probably experiencing that same excitement or possibly the abject terror that I now feel at summer’s end. Whichever way they feel, here’s 15 DIY back-to-school crafts you can do with your kids to showcase just how awesome school really is:

(paint chip calendar above)

confetti pencils

1. Confetti pencils – Jazz up those boring number 2s with polka-dots, and you’ll searching for reasons to use them (pictured above). If that seems too time-intensive, try washi-covered pencils for a super quick and cute DIY.

fruit pencil pouches

2. Fruit pencil pouches – Darling pencils deserve a darling pencil pouch, and with these fruit pencil pouches, it’ll always be summer in your backpack.

pencil roll

3. Pencil roll – In case the thought of your beautiful pencils bouncing around in a pouch gives you the heebie-jeebies, make this gorgeous pencil roll, and each pencil will stay nice and snug in its place.

notebook tote

4. Notebook tote – If backpacks aren’t your thing, try this notebook canvas tote. I use canvas totes to carry just about everything, and what better way to mark the one that carries school supplies?

canvas and leather lunch bag

5. Canvas and leather lunch bag – Have you seen a more stylish lunch bag? I think not! And better yet, it’s easy to make and good for the environment to boot.

watercolor treat bags

6. Watercolor treat bags – With these treat bags, lunchtime will become your child’s favorite part of the school day, if it isn’t already.

lacing bookmarks

7. Lacing bookmarks – I honestly don’t think I’ve seen prettier bookmarks, and they would be a snap to customize to your child’s interests.

notebook cover

8. Personalized notebook jackets – I have all the heart-eyes for these notebook jackets as well as a very strong desire to write everything down.

cord roll

9. Cord roll – I think it’s a universal truth that we all hate our cords getting tangled. Make this gorgeous cord roll and ta-da! Problem fixed!

crayon bunting roll 2

10. Bunting crayon roll – The bunting pocket takes the crayon roll to a new, insanely cute level.

paint chip calendar

11. Paint chip calendar – If you are schedule-obsessed like me, use this paint chip calendar to keep all those school activities straight. I bet your child will get a kick out of choosing the colors they want.

contact paper calendar

12. Contact paper calendar – Find that you have too many appointments to fit in a paint chip? Then try this contact paper calendar that looks gorgeous and contains your busy schedule.

emoji magnets

13. Emoji magnets – I can’t stop, won’t stop with emojis, and these emoji magnets are a great way to organize school papers on blackboards, refrigerators, and lockers.

melted crayon art

14. Melted crayon artwork – It’s not technically a school supply, but this melted crayon canvas would look phenomenal in your child’s study area. It almost makes me want to do homework again.

growth chart

15. Ruler growth chart – In addition to the first-day-of-school photo, mark your child’s height on this ruler growth chart. Then be prepared to cry at the end of the year when you see how big your baby has grown.

P.S. – Don’t forget the preschoolers! Here’s a DIY for color block crayons that the youngest students will love.


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