DIY Neon Marbled Dinnerware

DIY nail polish marbling

Today we’re updating a really easy nail polish marbling craft that we first posted about last year. Instead of black and white marbling, we made a summery neon design. They’re super easy to make (2 minutes max!), and I love how they turned out. Would make a lovely gift, or an easy way to update your own dinnerware set. Here’s how to make them…

DIY nail polish marbling

Supplies:  white ceramic dinnerware, scrap paper, neon nail polish, a disposable container large enough to dip the pieces in filled with warm water, a skewer to swirl with.

DIY nail polish marbling

Step one: Fill your container with warm water and then pour in a bit of nail polish in as many colors as you’d like.

Step two: Swirl gently with a wooden skewer to marble.

DIY nail polish marbling

Step three: Dip your bowl, mug, or plate into the mixture. Keep in mind that nail polish is not food safe, so I’d recommend decorating the outside of them. Or plan on using them a exclusively a decorative piece.

DIY nail polish marbling

Such a pretty result, don’t you think? Makes me want to have a summer soiree.

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Stephanie Gardner. 


Do you think it would be safe for eating if i used varnish layer on top of the nail polish?

Tried it but the nail polish dropped on the floor of the water bowl? Any idea why?

It’s Good, But I think you can only use it for the chilled food like ice creams etc. Because I you atr work will be get fed up due to hit of food. But overall it’s good and creative.

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