3 Months with Dottie May


Our baby Dot is 3 months old! I thought I’d share some things I want to remember about Dot at this age in partnership with Munchkin. Keep reading to see what she loves, what she hates, and a crazy trick we learned to cure her colic…


1. Her mini size. I guess she’s just more average weight than my other two big babies but she feels so tiny! I remember Edie growing out of her 0-3 month clothes in a blink of an eye but Dot’s still swimming in them. She’s healthy though and starting to get some chubs!

2. Champion sleeper. She’s not totally sleeping through the night but she’s doing a great job of giving me a good 6 hours or so stretch which I really appreciate. Plus, she’s great at self soothing.  I can wrap her in a blanket and pacifier and put her down in her bed totally awake and she’ll often just wiggle (and coo) her way to sleep on her own.


3. Even her poo is sweet. This is may be gross to some people but I kind of love the smell of Dot’s newborn breastfed poo. It smells so sweet and not gross as all to me (am I the only one that thinks this??)

On the other hand, toddler poo is terrible and so I’m super thankful for amazing diaper pail innovations like the Munchkin STEP. Normally with diaper pails I still take out the stinky toddler diapers but the Munchkin STEP is powered with lavender scented baking soda by Arm and Hammer that makes the room smell so fresh. It’s a pain to take stinky diapers out to the garbage each time so I’m happy to have a diaper pail that actually keeps the smell out!


I also love that the diaper pail looks great in the room and doesn’t obnoxiously stand out. Yeah for great product design!


4. Her witching hour colic. All three of my babies have been the same. Between the hours of about 5 and 8pm they’re pretty unhappy and it’s a full time job trying to keep them (or yourself) from losing it completely. It just so happens that her colic coincides with dinner time, which makes for a tricky evening if Jared isn’t home yet from work.


5. How much she loves the outdoors. We realized something crazy the other week! The trick to Dot’s colic isn’t swaddling or sucking or swinging or any of those 5 s’s they teach you do for fussy babies. It’s the complete opposite. She wants space outside! She would much rather lay outside on a blanket and look at the sky than be rocked and swaddled when she’s upset. Works every time! She’ll quiet right up. We’re all still amazing by it and are thinking that…

6. Perhaps she’s an introvert? Could be! Although anyone could be considered an introvert compared to Edie’s big personality.


7. How much she loves diaper changes. It didn’t seem to bother my other kids when they had a wet or messy diaper but Dot really loves being fresh and clean. And getting changed is one of her favorite things. She’ll usually bust out all her smiles and coos in those moments. It’s so sweet!

One new to be product I’ve been loving is this Mist wipe warmer from Munchkin. First off, I love that it’s in a plain white dispenser (again, thanks for minimal + simple design!). Second, it keep the wipes moist with a spritz of water. And third, it keeps them warm! Ahhh warm wipes on your bum… reminds me of those fancy bide toilets when we visited Japan last year. Those things are amazing. No wonder she Dot loves diaper changes!


8. Dot’s raspberry dot! Dot has this raspberry birth mark on her head called a hemangioma that grows larger the first year and then typically disappears by age 5. It looks like it’s painful and uncomfortable but it’s not. Little kids will say, “Oh no! What happened to her head?” with great concern. Whereas most adults don’t usually mention it or will ask a bit more gently. It’s soft and puffy and sometimes I’ll catch Edie or Henry pressing it a bit. I think I’ll kind of miss her special raspberry dot!


That’s all guys, time for a little nap (cue big yawn!).

Hooray for Dot! We all love her to pieces.

Thanks to Munchkin for sponsoring this post. Munchkin rids the world of the mundane by developing clever, innovative solutions that make family life safer, easier, and more fun. You can find Munchkin products at Munchkin.comTargetBabies’R’UsWalmart, and Amazon. It’s the little things!


I totally hear you re the baby poop! My sister and I both say that baby poo (of a breastfed baby) smells like maple syrup! 🙂

Sounds like you are settling into life with three!

Can you share where your sweater is from? I am forever in the market for long sweaters with pockets 🙂

My little girl had one the exact same size and location on her head (totally gone now that she’s 8) It’s a favorite story of me mine that when she was meeting my grandmother for the first time she said to me “oh sweetheart! She’s gotten a cough drop stuck to her head!” And ever after we always called it her cherry cough drop;)

Dot is so incredibly cute 🙂

My third child, Mathilde, is also much smaller than my two older daughters were at the same age. Not that they were big either, but she has always been extra tiny. She never got the roly-poly legs that most babies have as she was on the move at such a young age (crawling everywhere at 5 months – eek!).

I’m glad that you’ve found something that helps with Dot’s colic. When my two oldest daughters, Ava and Lola, were babies they would also calm down the moment they was taken outside. The both loved staring up at trees from the stroller bassinet. Mathilde, however, has always lived on a busy intersection in Downtown and is much more of a city baby. When she was little the noise of traffic would usually soothe her, and if that didn’t work, I discovered that taking her to a window to look at the traffic below would work wonders. She’d go from screaming bloody murder to calm in an instant once she saw the cars. Even now that she’s 2, watching traffic out the window calms her down. It probably also explains her obsession with cars, trucks, buses and diggers!

Sweet post. My daughter was also pacified by being outside, especially lying on a blanket under a leafy tree. It was magic.

Where are your adorable shoes from? I’ve been looking for a pair of brogues for a while and yours are perfect!

6 hour stretches! Lucky parents! 🙂

Regarding the hemangioma – I had a rather large one on the side of my nose as a baby. It faded and got smaller by the time I was 4ish, and you can barely see it in my kindergarden pictures. I’m now an adult, and I have a very slight raised lump on one side of my nose, which I’m pretty sure no one notices but me.

Oh interesting! I’ve heard so many stories of people who had them, or whose babies had them. It’s a little club!

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