Getting Ready for Finding Dory

finding dory craft

Finding Nemo is one of Edie’s favorite movies so we’re getting really excited for Finding Dory to come out! At 2 1/2 years old, I’ve been thinking that she might be ready to go to a movie theatre (maybe??).  She seems to almost sit still through movies at home and I’m hoping the huge screen will keep her attention even longer. I’m planning on taking her for a mommy and me date to see Finding Dory in partnership with Fandango Family, a fantastic resource for movie-loving families. Since Dot’s been born, Edie and I haven’t had as much one on one time, so I’m looking forward to it! Today we’re talking about how we prepped her for the movie, including this Dory fish purse we made from a paper bag for her to take along to fill with snacks.

finding dory

 Keep reading to hear more about it and how we’re getting her ready for the big day…

finding dory

Edie and I have been talking a lot about going to the movie in a couple weeks. In addition to the usual verbal prep (“Only big kids can go so we need to be extra good!”), I’m using all the great resources for families on Fandango Family so we can be fully prepared. There are reviews from other parents on new movies that have come out,  great articles to help gauge appropriateness of movies for children, and helpful tips like How to Avoid a Movie Meltdown (we’re definitely reading up on that one as part of our preparation).

One resource I love on Fandango Family is Fandango VIP. Have you heard of it? It’s no extra charge. You reserve your tickets beforehand so you don’t have to wait in line at the theatre, and if something comes up you can get a refund. Which is great, because it seems like there’s often something that comes up that disrupts our schedule and the Fandango VIP tickets give you peace of mind that you can cancel and get a refund if you need to.

finding dory

We also worked on a fun craft to get Edie excited for the movie. Since part of the movie going experience is popcorn and snacks, we made our own Dory snack bag from a brown paper bag. You can find the full tutorial for the DIY Dory bag right here on Fandango Family. We’ll fill it with popcorn and candy for our date to to the movie.

finding dory craft




Thanks to Fandango Family for sponsoring this post and Edie’s first outing to the theatre to see Finding Dory. Find tickets for Finding Dory here and lots more resources for families who love movies here on Fandango Family.


good luck with the movie date! first took my son at age 2 and it was tricky but he loved it

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