Burger and Fries Printable Wrappers

By DIY contributor Alyson of Bash Studio

printable burger wrapers

With a show obsession like Bob’s Burgers, you know that a burger DIY from me isn’t far behind! Now that the weather has situated itself nicely between 75 and 90 up here in Seattle, it seems like no better time than to get out those burgers and fries. These wrappers are perfect size for sliders, plus they serve as little bags if you would rather wrap yours up to go. With some glassine bags and a printer, these are sure to save you from messy fingers!

Here’s how to make them…

printable burger wrapers

Glassine Bags, 4.5” Wide
Washi Tape
Printable (to download and print)

1. To make life easier, print the bags onto a piece of card stock to serve as a template.

printable burger wrapers
2. Once printed, tape the glassine bag right over the printed area and print.printable burger wrapers
3. Fold down the tops and stuff with fries and little burgers!

*TIP: For printing, a laser printer works best, but I used an inkjet printer. It had a few little smudges, but nothing major.

printable burger wrapers

printable burger wrapers


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