A Tip for Doing Little Girls Hair


Getting Edie to sit still so I can do her hair seems near impossible these days. Usually I end up giving in and letting her and her curly mane run wild. The other day my friend Audrey shared with me her brilliant tip for get her three girls to sit still while she did their hair each day…



She found a hairstyle book that her girls look through while they’re sitting to get their hair done. They get to ‘pick’ what hairstyle they’d like each day. Such a simple and fun idea that the child gets to choose their hairstyle like they’re at a salon. Even if the end result isn’t quite what was in the book, I think most 2 or 3 yr olds wouldn’t really know or even care as long as they feel like they’re in charge!


When we went searching for a hairstyle book we found something really entertaining: A hairstyle coloring book! It’s called I Love My Hair by Andrea Pippins and it’s filled with beautiful illustrations of hairstyles for all hair types, each page waiting for little hands to decorate.


So they can pick their style and then color!




Edie even wanted a try after she saw Eleanor’s turn on the chair.


Keep posted for a roundup soon of our favorite clips and hair accessories for little girls!

Thanks to my friend Gaby and her little Eleanor for modeling


What a great idea! Whenever I ask my daughter what hairstyle she wants, the answer is always “an Elsa Braid!” Maybe this book will give her some new ideas.

Also, I found that the perfect brush for kids is a “wet brush.” They sell them at target and amazon and they are so gentle that it never hurts to brush the tangles out. I even let my girls brush my hair with it… a painful activity with any other brush.

we’ve gone through about 5 brushes and the wet brush is the best. amazon, marshalls, etc. carries them. the best for fighting tangles and the least complaints by nariah!

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