DIY Batik Catchall Bowls

By DIY contributor Alyson of  Bash Studio

catchall bowls

I don’t know about you, but it seems like I have a million little things all over my dresser and nightstand, especially earrings. To keep these trinkets somewhat organized and not lost on the floor, I decided DIY catchalls were in order. Instead of just painting the clay, I used a technique called batik. catchall bowls

Here’s how to make them…

Batik is normally applied to fabrics, but it seemed to work for clay too! Before dyeing, you apply wax to create unique patterns and shapes. It was fun and interesting, plus adding a little gold never hurt anyone!

catchall bowls


Polymer Clay
Round Cookie Cutter
Wax Paper
Paraffin Wax
Blue Dye (or any color)
Liquid Gold (optional)

Batik Catchalls Step 1


1. Condition your clay by kneading it like dough, then roll into a ball and slightly flatten with your hand.
2. Roll the clay evenly and cut out the circle shapes. Place on wax paper
.Batik Catchalls Step 2
3. Bake clay per the instructions on the box. Let cool completely.
Batik Catchalls Step 3
4. Heat up the paraffin wax and apply to the catchalls with the paintbrush. To create an abstract effect, brush in different directions and different thicknesses. I also like dipping one in the wax and letting it drip down. There are lots of options!
Batik Catchalls Step 4
5. Allow wax to completely cool before adding to the dye.
6. Pour dye in a disposable container and add the catchalls. Leave in for at least 12 hours or overnight.
Batik Catchalls Step 5
7. Wash off the catchalls with hot water until the wax melts off. If you are having trouble, place in microwave for 20 seconds at a time.
catchall bowls
8. I painted on a little liquid gold to add a finishing touch. Even though this is completely optional, it’s totally worth it!

Batik Catchalls Styled 3

catchall bowls


Wow I didn’t know polymer clay held dyes! Loved this technique. Does it stain or is it pretty colorfast?

Hi! From what I can tell the dye stains the clay pretty well, nothing has faded or been removed. You can always glaze them to ensure it lasts!

Hi! You use the aluminum foil and create a bunched up circle. Place the clay over it and gently press the center down. Once it bakes, it will hold the shape.

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