DIY Gift Box with Printable Mother’s Day Tag

By DIY contributor Alyson of  Bash Studio

Gift Box DIY 4

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you drop the ball on holidays not because you don’t care, but because your memory isn’t stellar. Well, there is a solution! Gift boxes are a great option to gift something handmade and in a simple yet thoughtful way last minute. I never know what to get my mom so throwing some of her favorite things into one box works on so many levels. I try to include a little bit of everything – candy, beauty products, something random and fun she’ll like. This gift box is something that requires zero cutting, minus the chipboard, and can be made in minutes.
Keep reading for instructions…

Gift Box DIY Materials
Super Glue
Fine Sandpaper
White Chipboard (optional)
Xacto Knife
Mom day tags (our free printable)
Gift Box Instructions 1
Step 1. Start by gluing the sides together in the shape of a box, letting each side dry before moving to the next. TIP: If you want to add a top, I only did on one, then you want to glue the opposite pieces the same way. For example, two of the wood slats opposite of each other are glued inside the other two.
Gift Box Instructions 3
Gift Box Instructions 4
Step 2. For the top, place 2 slats on top to make sure they’re flush with the sides. Glue the 3rd piece right on top.
Step 3. For the base, I cut down some chipboard and glued it around the edges.
Step 4. Lightly sand the edges and side to get rid of any spilled glue or rough edges.
Gift Box DIY 5
Step 5. You can paint if you’d like, but I really enjoy the natural wood so I just added some white and a pop of blue.
Gift Box DIY 2
Gift Box DIY 3
Step 6. Fill with goodies and add the gift tag!
The box is super simple but effective, especially when filled with delicious things… like candy! Every mother should be totally cool with that.


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