Welcoming Dottie May!


She’s here!! Wanted to pop in quick to let you know the exciting news. Dot or Dottie May arrived Sunday morning, 2 weeks early after a quick 2.5 hours of labor (woowee!) and another successful vbac. I was scheduled to be induced the next day for a liver issue called cholestasis, so it was a happy early arrival. We’ve all been on cloud 9, especially her adoring older siblings.


For the next few weeks I’ll be on maternity leave snuggling this little Baby Dot but we have some great content scheduled and some fantastic guest posts as well. Keep reading for a few more photos, I’ll continue posting on instagram as well if you want to see more day to day life with a newborn. Hip hip hooray!


IMG_6196IMG_6167  IMG_6170


Yay!!!! VBACs are so triumphant in addition to the best blessing this life could offer. Congratulations. –(I’ve had two vbacs as well, thank goodness we have this opportunity)

Your neighbors on Bruns look forward to meeting beautiful Dot !!

Oh congratulations! Sh is another beauty. My little one is Edie but her pet name has always been Dottie!

Congrats! I also had cholestasis during my pregnancy. The itching can get pretty insane, but all is forgotten once we see our beautiful babies eh? Enjoy your cutie!

Dottie May is gorgeous! And all that dark hair! Congratulations!

Oh, Liz! She’s perfect. I am so happy for you guys. I CANNOT wait to learn vicariously about life with three. We’re still not sure if we’re done or not…or if we’ll move abroad again or not. But a glimpse will be helpful. 😉 You look so beautifully content in that photo. HUGE CONGRATS! Love and hugs. Enjoy the baby magic. xoxo

We have a little —ie May as our third too! Such a sweet sound for a little girl. Congratulations to you all. Always wonderful to hear about healthy babies and mamas. Enjoy x

Congratulations Liz!
Dottie May is gorgeous and I’m sure that Henry and Edie must be absolutely doting on her.
Enjoy your maternity leave and all of those lovely newborn cuddles xx

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