Sibling Prep for a New Baby Sister


We’ve kicked our baby prep into high gear because last week we found out that they’ll need to induce me two weeks early. Which is in 5 days! I’ve spent the last week buying last minute baby essentials, re-organizing my editorial calendar with my team, and trying to mentally prepare for what’s about to happen. At the same time, we’re trying to get Henry and Edie ready as well. We talk about the baby all the time, and have even started calling it by name since we’ve finally figured that part out (not telling yet though!). Here are a couple more ideas on what to do to get siblings ready for a new baby, in partnership with Seventh Generation


One thing that’s really fun is to do is have older siblings show younger ones how to take care of a new baby. We pulled out Edie’s baby doll (Baby Lala), and a pack of Seventh Generation free and clear newborn diapers and wipes. Seventh Generation’s been known for their natural, plain brown diapers which I love, but they just came out with a new line of patterned diapers that are still very subtle and sweet. The best patterned diapers I’ve seen! And I love that their diapers are natural and free of latex and fragrances. I gave Henry a quick diaper changing tutorial, and then he showed Edie exactly how it was done. She was a captive audience to say the least.


When it was her turn, her favorite part was using the wipes and making sure baby was all keen, as she calls itShe’s been known to pull out an entire package of wipes one by one while changing her baby doll so I have to keep a careful watch on her!


Next it was our turn to get all keen after diaper changing. We used some of the Seventh Generation hand wash which comes in a variety of lovely scents. No dyes, or artificial fragrances. Just a plant-based formula that’s gentle on your family’s skin.




Another fun thing to do with siblings is to let them help pack the hospital bag. On my list of things to bring are my own pillow + pillowcase, snacks, toiletries (deodorant, toothbrush, dry shampoo too), a change of clothes, comfy robe, a book, iPad + charger for possibly a long induction process, more snacks, and a sweet outfit for baby to wear going home.


Edie was particularly in love with the new baby’s pair of Freshly Picked crib moccasins I packed. I can’t get over how itty bitty they are!


New baby dance! We’re so excited!


And…we’re ready to go!

Thanks to Seventh Generation for sponsoring this post and making baby care, laundry, and cleaning products that we love. Photography by Ashley Aikele and myself. Edie’s sweet polkadot dress is from Alice and Ames and my hospital bag is from Birdling Bags


love seventh gen! i’m the same. was a huge convert and now i could never go back!

What an adorable idea to teach her how to change baby sis. I hope they become best of buds. I couldn’t imagine life without my big sister. Sending love <3

Awww, so sweet! Love all these shots of your kids getting ready. Excited for you guys

So sweet. Many blessings on your induction. Hope everything goes smoothly! Those moccasins!!!

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