A Hike in the Hills


We’ve mostly unpacked from our recent move, which feels really good seeing as baby is on her way very soon! So this past week, during spring break, we explored Oakland a bit and found a beautiful hike high in the hills that we’ll for sure be coming back to soon called Serpentine. Keep reading to see our adventure one sunny spring morning…



The hike started out and immediately from the parking lot we were surrounded by fields of flowers and tall grass. Such beautiful scenery! Henry carried the backpack with snacks from CVS Pharmacy, who we’re partnering with for this post, and Edie carried her favorite thing lately…



A set of kid binoculars that she calls her ‘camera’. She said she wanted to take ‘pitures’ of the animals we spotted along the way. It was a great way to keep her moving along the hike, and there were plenty of dogs and even a little lizard to take photos of who were also out enjoying the beautiful spring sunshine as well.



Look at those green hills! We’ve had so much rain the last few weeks, it really does make for some amazing spring scenery up here.


Henry spotted some mountain bikers on a trail over in the distance. He’s so set on getting a kids mountain bike but I’m having trouble finding a good reason to get it for him. Maybe something special for when the new baby comes? Sometimes it’s hard to not spoil your kids when it’s something you know they’d love and enjoy!


Edie’s turn…this time she took a ‘piture’ of the dog coming up the walk. “Cheeeese” she says as she looks through the binoculars at the dog. Henry thinks it’s hilarious every time she uses the binoculars like a camera. I love this age she’s at, it feels like she grows leaps and bounds every week with new tricks and personality emerging.





After hiking for a while and taking lots of dog ‘pitures’, we sat down to have a few snacks we had picked up from CVS Pharmacy on our way. There’s one just a minute away with a great line of CVS brand snacks called Gold Emblem and Gold Emblem Abound. It’s a super convenient way to pick up a few yummy things on the go when we’re headed out for a spring adventure.


Edie’s favorite are these Fuji Apple Crisps as part of CVS’s new Gold Emblem Abound line. All the snacks focus on healthy eating and products include gluten free, organic, vegan, and range from baked rice crisps, nut bars, and trail mix. I think my favorite may be the Almond and Pistachio blend mix. Being pregnant, healthy snacks are a must and these are one of my favorites to have around.

CVS9      CVS18

On the way back, Edie was getting a little tired of walking so Henry and I started singing one of her favorite songs, The Wheels on the Bus. When Jared has her in the backpack on hikes he jumps up and down for that up and down part of the song, which she loves. But, her favorite part is shushing the baby (as you can see above) and she now shushes us all the time when she doesn’t like what we’re saying or doing. It’s rude and so hilarious at the same time.


We also urged her along by pointing out and collecting a few pretty wild flowers. They were scattered all over the hills and just gorgeous!


Excited to explore more favorite spots in Oakland. Do you have any others to recommend?


I’m proud to partner with CVS Pharmacy to promote their exclusive Gold Emblem and Gold Emblem abound snack lines. I am being sponsored by CVS Pharmacy for my posts and activities, but all opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at CVS.com or with the appropriate manufacturers.


Love the serpentine prairie in the Oakland hills! Isn’t it amazing in the spring? You’ll have to check out Redwood Regional Park and the stairs at San Joaquin Park close by, they are great hikes and shady in the summer heat.

You find the best places for your kids. What a great hike.

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