DIY Succulent Pots

By DIY contributor Alyson of  Bash Studio
DIY Plaster Succulent Pots
I recently visited a little shop with so many succulents…and I kind of went crazy buying them. I see so many cute concrete pots online that people made, but I’m still a little unsure how I feel about working with concrete. Instead, I discovered plaster! It’s surprisingly easy to use and you can create a “faux” concrete look in less than 30 minutes.
Keep reading for the instructions…

DIY Plaster Succulent Pots
– Materials –
Ice cream cups
Succulents and their containers
Acrylic Paints
DIY Plaster Succulent Pots
– Steps –
1. Mix plaster with water, 1.5 parts Plaster, 1 part water.
2. Pour the mixture into the ice cream cup, leaving about 3/4″ of room from the top.
3. Add in acrylic paint and mix. I didn’t add too much because I didn’t want it to affect the finished plaster. Also, you can choose to mix black for a concrete finish.
4. Tape up holes in the succulent container so the plaster doesn’t seep through.
5. Place succulent container into the plaster and push down until the plaster mixture rises up to the edge on the cup. Tape to hold in place.
DIY Plaster Succulent Pots
DIY Plaster Succulent Pots
6. Allow plaster to dry and tear off the cup. Remove the succulent container by cutting with an exacto knife or carefully pull out by folding it inwards.
DIY Plaster Succulent Pots
DIY Plaster Succulent Pots


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Cute!!! Should you leave holes at the bottom so that water can drain?

Hi Marie!

I didn’t add any drainage because succulents need very little watering and you can get away with no drainage. You can also use pebbles under the soil to create a drainage layer. This will allow the water to move through the soil faster to prevent damage to the roots.

Hope that helps!

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