St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Sewing Cards


These shamrock sewing cards are a really simple and fun busy kids activity for St. Patrick’s Day this Thursday. Most kids I know in that late preschool to early elementary school age love sewing projects, and these cards are a great way to teach them. Plus, I love anything that keeps hands busy and builds those fine motor skills so you can work on making that grasshopper pie.

st patricks day sewing cards

Keep reading to see how to make these shamrock sewing cards after the jump…

Supplies: card stock, green yarn, hole punch, yarn needle (it’s very dull), shamrock shape to trace (you can download one and print it from the internet as well), scissors, pencil

st patricks day sewing cards

Step 1: Trace a shamrock shape with pencil onto card stock paper and cut around it leaving about 1/2 inch border

st patricks day sewing cards

Step 2: Punch with a medium side hole punch around flip around (or erase the pencil marks).


Step 3: Thread a needle and show your child how to sew along the design, threading through each hole.


Our son really enjoyed making this. Fun, easy, and adorable! Thank you!

A fun project for kids…OR for adults who are wanting to get better at sewing! :] Very cute.

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