25 Baby Registry Must Haves

25 baby registry must haves

People ask me all the time about must-have products for a baby registry, which I know can be really overwhelming to put together. So I thought it would be a good idea to share an extensive list with you all today. I’m working with Gerber’s amazing feeding system, BabyNes, on this post which is also included in the registry. Keep reading to see the full list of items and a bit more about the BabyNes feeding system…


Of course we all agree (including Gerber) that breastfeeding is the very best for baby. But sometimes it’s not a viable option, or sometimes supplementing is necessary, and BabyNes is the most advanced alternative with six different stages of formula for each stage of development. Just as fat, protein, and calorie count naturally varies in breastmilk during your baby’s growth, so does the BabyNes formula. With a touch of a button the bottle is prepared instantly and to the perfect temperature. BabyNes is also Wi-Fi connected so you can keep track of feedings from anywhere (even if you aren’t feeding the baby yourself). It’s a really amazing alternative.

And a little blurb about the other 24 items I’d pick for a baby registry:

  1. Lulyboo travel bed (co-sleeper): this is what we used with Edie for co-sleeping. We put it in-between us in bed for the first 9 months until we moved into Henrys’s room. It’s great for travel as well, folds up simply into a backpack.
  2. White noise machine: babies sleep so much better with a little white noise. Edie still insists on playing her’s at night and during naps.
  3. Graco swing: they’re not the most attractive of things, but such a necessity for those fussy hours. It was the only way we could get Henry to fall asleep when he was a newborn!
  4. Quilted warm suit: you’ll need a full body suit for stroller trips and this is a great, cozy one.
  5. Socks
  6. Baby monitor: a necessity especially if baby doesn’t sleep in your room with you and for travel.
  7. Ergo carrier: we still carry Edie in one sometimes. It’s got a great waist strap so it’s easy on your shoulders, and it’s super sturdy and warm.
  8. Cozy sweater
  9. Carter’s long sleeve onesies: newborns live in these onesies. And Carter’s makes my favorite ones.
  10. Burts Bees footed infant pants: paired with the onesies, these have always been my newborn uniform.
  11. Munchkin diaper pail: unless you want to carry dirty diapers out after every change, this is a must have for the nursery.
  12. Knot hat: To keep that little baldy head warm (I’ve always had bald babies).
  13. Babynes feeding system: the best feeding system, as an alternative to breastfeeding if you aren’t able or can’t. Formulas change as baby grows!
  14. One piece pjs: besides onesies, my babies always live in footed pjs during those first few months.
  15. Zutano infant booties: my favorite for cozy baby feet.
  16. Mustela baby shampoo: because it smells amazing.
  17. Bugaboo cameleon: the ultimate baby stroller!
  18. Orbit carseat: it rotates so it’s easy to take baby in and out.
  19. Medela freestyle pump: the best, most convenient breast pump out there.
  20. Muslin swaddle blankets: you’ll want a whole stack of these to swaddle baby in.
  21. Changing pad + cover: I’ve always loved to mount these on top of baby’s dresser although some people prefer to change on a bed.
  22. Solly wrap : Great for warm temperatures and it’s so packable- fits in your purse!
  23. Seventh gen diapers and wipes: my favorite natural diapers + wipes (Edie still uses them!)
  24. Bassinet: love this one from Land of Nod.

Thanks to gerber BabyNes  for sponsoring this post. Get a $50 off your BabyNes machine  by using code SMARTNUTRITION  at checkout on babynes.com. Valid through 6/30. They also offer 90 days money back guarantee so you can try out the feeding system risk free. 


Hi, I’m curious if the Ergo baby carrier you have is the classic or the 360 (where the baby can face forward). I’m looking at both for my registry, but having a tough time deciding between the two.

Great list- I especially adore carriers (I have *a few* too many!), muslin blankets and noise machines! My 4 year old sleeps so soundly with hers! As for the formula machine, I can’t reconcile with my eco conscious the amount of waste it creates. A baby may drink 6-12 bottles A DAY! That is a lot of pods in our landfills. Curious as to whether the manufacturer has a solution for this much waste? Perhaps the pods are recycleable or they offer reusable pods?

The pods are recyclable, yes! BabyNes offers a collection service of used capsules, and they are incinerated to generate energy from waste.

I really hate to be that commenter because I never have before but LOL, I’m on baby number 3 and I can tell you how much you DON’T need a $400 bassinet that you would use for only 3 months or $1000+ stroller or a nespresso machine for formula. Maybe start this post out with “If money is not object for you…”

Sure. With any registry, some items are more wish list to leave room for group gifts or parents/family that want to get something special. There’s a balance though- lots of items here are not that expensive

I’ve never heard of this feeding system but looks amazing- I Like that the formula changes as baby grows. Very cool. Seems better then regular formula

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