15 Favorite Songs for Family Dance Parties


Do you have family dance parties? We have a brand new Sonos Speaker and so our dance parties have been rocking lately (the sound is amazing. seriously). I’m partnering today with Enjoy, an entirely free service, who delivered and set up the speaker system to share some of our favorite dance party songs and I asked our other team members, Ashley and Sarah, to share their favorite songs to dance to as well with their kids. More about Enjoy and our favorite songs after the jump…

Thanks to Enjoy for sponsoring this post. Their delivery and set up service is totally free, but you can still get a $50 off your product purchase by using code REF-YES at checkout. Valid through 4/16 and not with Boosted Boards, Tile or products under $100. 


I had never heard of Enjoy but the concept is so great! It’s a completely free service to deliver and help set up your favorite electronics. No cost to you for real! You order the product through their site (again, at no extra cost), then you set up an appointment for delivery. Usually it’s the next day or so. So quick.


They show up at your door, set it up, answer any questions you have, and are really friendly and knowledgable. I’m a bit overwhelmed by new electronics so I was so happy to have someone come set up our Sonos Play:5 speaker. Some of the other brands of products they deliver and set up are Apple, HP, Jawbone, Canon, Sonos, eero. Plus many more. And their offerings expand all the time. I even texted them later to ask a couple more questions and they responded right away.

sonos2a   sonos5

Now we’re all set up for some serious family dance parties during dinner prep with our new Sonos Play:5. The sound really is incredible! And now that we’re in a house and not an apartment can really turn that thing up without worrying about the neighbors! I’m hooked now. Here are a few favorites songs to dance to from our family and team:

I’d recommend:

Edie totally hums and dances along to Hotline Bling

Get Lucky is an awesome one everyone loves

Got to Give it Up for some boogie moves

Hey Ya! From Outkast is another great booty shaker

Single Ladies by Beyonce of course!


Ashley recommends:

Shake it Off (my 2 yr old loves this one!)

Uptown Funk

Happy by Pharrell

Whip and Nae Nae with cousins.

Also, I make everyone sing and dance anytime Stevie Wonder comes on
Sarah recommends:

Justin Bieber and

One Direction (because they’re both dreamy)

The Eye of the Tiger was big for a while (my 6 yr old knows all the words)

Anything by Michael Jackson of course

Pump up the Jam has an amazing video on you tube that always gets us dancing

Here’s a link to the spotify playlist we made if you’d like to rock with us!

Thanks Enjoy! Remember, the service is free but you can get $50 off your product purchase by using code REF-YES at checkout. Valid through 4/16 and not with Boosted Boards, Tile or products under $100. 


Thank you for this! My one year old is just starting to really dance.

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